Managing Content with HubSpot's Content Hub

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Manveen Kaur - 18.04.2024
Managing Content with HubSpot's Content Hub

What is Content Hub?

Content Hub is an efficient AI-powered tool designed to make life easier for content marketers. It helps you create and manage engaging, personalised content that really clicks with your audience, from the first click to the final conversion. 


Here’s a brief video with a quick overview of the content hub and what’s new here:



Managing Content with HubSpot’s Content Hub

HubSpot's Content Hub simplifies content management by providing a centralised platform that integrates seamlessly with CRM data, WordPress websites, and SEO tools. 

Content Hub is the single source of truth we marketers have been waiting for.

With its user-friendly CMS, you can create, edit, and manage content effortlessly with drag-and-drop features and modern templates. 

You know what that means right?

No more running behind the tech experts or developers to get your content live!

The Content Hub makes managing dynamic content easier, enabling scalable content creation and tailored experiences for various audience segments. 

Overall, Content Hub's intuitive interface and comprehensive features make it easy to streamline content workflows, optimise SEO, and drive meaningful engagement with your audience.

1. Video management

HubSpot's Content Hub simplifies video management by integrating videos seamlessly with other content types. You can embed videos directly into your content, enhancing engagement with forms and CTAs integrated within the module. 

The Hub's reporting features provide valuable insights by tracking video views per contact, helping marketers analyse audience preferences effectively. 

With videos managed in the same place as web content, Content Hub offers a cohesive and efficient solution for creating, managing, and analysing video content, streamlining the entire video marketing process.


2. SEO recommendations

HubSpot's SEO tools are designed to optimise your website for search engines, improving discoverability and boosting performance.

They analyse and prioritise SEO optimisations, offering actionable steps to resolve content issues effectively. These tools provide insight into visitor behaviour, analyse trends and traffic sources, identify resonating content, and track engagement levels to drive conversions. 

Integrated with content management tools, HubSpot's SEO Marketing Software streamlines the process of building search authority, suggesting topic ideas, and monitoring ROI, making it easier to create an SEO-friendly website without coding and ensuring optimisation opportunities are never missed.

3. Content Embed

HubSpot's content embeds are here to make website management seamless, and we’re so here for it! Integrating HubSpot-built content into WordPress sites effectively eliminates the need for costly and overwhelming website migrations or rebuilds. 

These embeds allow businesses to create personalised web experiences effortlessly, bridging the gap between customer expectations and existing CMS limitations. 

By leveraging dynamic content blocks and smart content, HubSpot empowers you to treat visitors as individuals, delivering tailored product recommendations, lead forms, messaging, and offers based on CRM data. 

This approach not only enhances visitor experiences but also streamlines content creation and management, reducing dependency on developers and increasing content productivity.


4. Dynamic Content

Dynamic content allows marketers to easily build and manage libraries, catalogues, listings, and more using a single table and page template. Changes made in one place are automatically reflected across all impacted content, saving time and ensuring consistency. 

By leveraging CRM objects or HubDB, you can create dynamic elements such as product listings, real estate catalogs, employee directories, and more with ease, streamlining content management and facilitating updates across multiple pages effortlessly.


5. Memberships & gated content

Generate high-quality leads, personalised experiences, and deliver specialised access to tailored content and promotions. 

By leveraging HubSpot lists, you can create exclusive pages and blogs protected from AI scrapers, ensuring premium content is accessible only to specific customers or segments. This personalised approach allows for the creation of secure and personalised 'profile pages' for customers, contextualising content based on individual preferences and interactions.

Memberships not only enhance customer experiences but also enable businesses to create new revenue streams by offering exclusive content and promotions to top customers, strategically surfaced based on segmented lists. 

Leveraging data from HubDB, Custom Objects, or the SMART CRM, Memberships facilitate scalable and tailored experiences for each member, enhancing engagement and loyalty.


6. Content Library

Providing a centralised repository for managing and organising content, the content library makes content easily accessible to prospects and existing customers. 

It offers customisation options to align with your brand style and allows you to control access to specific content pieces, driving engagement and offering private access to premium digital assets like audio files, videos, PDFs, and more. 

This streamlined approach enhances the overall content management strategy, ensuring valuable resources are readily available while adding an exclusive touch to drive engagement and loyalty.


7. Content approvals and partitioning

With the right approvals and permissions in place, your teams can collaborate seamlessly by requesting changes and granting approvals directly within HubSpot, streamlining the content creation process. This ensures that irrelevant assets are kept out of view, allowing teams to stay focused and efficient in their content management efforts.


8. Multisites

Manage multiple websites within a single account, streamlining brand management at scale. With the ability to host multiple websites, you can provide tailored experiences across different brands, ensuring customers receive the right content and messaging. 

Additionally, multisites enable monitoring and analysis of the performance of each website individually, allowing for data-driven optimisation and decision-making to enhance overall brand effectiveness.


9. Analytics and custom reporting

With customisable reporting dashboards, teams can view marketing, sales, and service data in one place, creating tailored reports for the entire business. The platform ensures data security with advanced reporting permissions, allowing for secure access to private data while providing insights powerful enough for analysts yet accessible to everyone. 

HubSpot serves as a single source of truth for all data, seamlessly integrating CRM data with marketing, sales, and service data for powerful custom reports and analytics. 

Flexible dashboards enable users to combine multiple reports and track metrics that matter, while customisable templates and drag-and-drop editors cater to diverse business needs, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient reporting experience.


10. Cookie management

By allowing visitors to control their data preferences through tailored cookie consent banners, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to privacy and empower informed decisions about data tracking. 

The tool enables the creation of individualised consent popups for each domain, including separate locations, and offers customisation options for the user experience, including the look and feel. 

This comprehensive functionality, available within HubSpot's Privacy & Consent settings, ensures a seamless and cost-effective approach to cookie management, eliminating the need for expensive third-party tools and enhancing overall user experience.


11. Premium cloud hosting

With premium cloud hosting in the picture, you can confidently scale your content while ensuring fast load times and reliability. With an infrastructure that includes SSL, CDN, WAF (Web Application Firewall), and 24/7 threat monitoring, you can host pages and files securely, protecting against threats and vulnerabilities. 

Advanced and regular security updates further enhance protection, ensuring that data and content remain safe and accessible at all times.


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