Psychographics are your friends (and boost conversion like a rockstar)

September 24, 2015
By Rich

Psychographics help you make friends - with your audience. They’re the study of your audience’s personality in terms of interests, activities and opinions (sometimes called IAO variables.)

At Six & Flow, we think about psychographics in terms of behaviour: it’s about understanding the actions your ‘people’ (or tribe) take, and the motives and triggers behind those actions.

As we’ve said before, demographic-stereotypes are dead (or at the very least shifting), and in their place, super powerful psychographics are rising up.

What Moves Me Psychographics in Marketing


We've recently returned from Inbound and have become a HubSpot partner. Our experiences highlighted and reinforced how vital this shift in audience awareness is, and how brands that fall behind will suffer (luckily, as a Manchester inbound marketing agency, we think we're keeping up!)

In a previous article we wondered if post-demographic consumerism (PDC) would restrict those businesses and brands without niche communities and passion points, and predicted marketers who could be whole heartedly human in their approach would succeed.

Well, using psychographics forces you to be incredibly human, and tapping into the interests, activities and opinions of your audience propels you towards completely nailing PDC.

What’s more, psychographics help you convert like a rockstar. A PPC campaign run without considering audience behaviours achieves far less than one that does.

In a recent campaign we ran for a fitness technology client, applying in-depth knowledge about audience habits and lifestyles ensured the tweaks we made to targeting, messaging and imagery saw conversion rates sky rocket.

Whether it’s biddable media or inbound content, resonating with your audience on a personal level drives conversions. It’s about delivering the right message at the right time, without being interruptive.

What’s so powerful about getting this stuff under your belt, is the impact it has across the board. What appears to be very fluffy at first becomes hard as nails evidence the minute it’s translated into online campaigns that convert.

And that resonates with every stakeholder: the money saved and conversions achieved will prove psychographics beat demographics every time.

Six & Flow knows how tricky it can be to adjust to the new way of profiling customers. During numerous audience mapping sessions, we find clients fall back on demographics instinctively. It’s much easier to state age, household size and income than it is opinions, musical tastes and lifestyle choices.

The picture we need to build of our customers is now more in depth than the information we hold about most friends. What takes years to grasp about mates and partners, we need to nail in minutes (…maybe days) about our audience.

Straw poll atSix & Flow, and we reckon it’s taken us a minimum of two years to pick up and truly understand the habits, opinions and values of our best friends and partners. Call us self involved but…

Figuring out psychographics can be extremely hard work, especially if you’re not used it. So how do you learn to intuitively spot the behaviour of your audience?

Six & Flow can help you understand why your people do what they do, and become more human in your approach to marketing. Oh, and deliver those incremental results in conversion…

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