My first week as a Marketing Intern at Six & Flow

August 17, 2019
By Kate

Week 1 completed in my new role as Marketing Intern and what a week it’s been!

Hi, I’m Kate, I am completing a 4-week internship here at Six & Flow in order to gain experience of working within an inbound marketing agency. 

It’s always nerve-wracking starting a new job especially as an intern, because it means I’m the youngest, least experienced and have the most questions! Despite the initial feeling of panic I had knocking on the door that first day, the whole team have made my integration seamless and encouraged me to ask as many questions as possible!

So what have I done? Well, thankfully, I’ve not been stuck making the coffee! Instead, I’ve spent my first week getting to grips with the variety of tools and software that Six and Flow utilise in their day-to-day practices such as Slack, Harvest, Asana and, of course, HubSpot.

The fact that Six & Flow are a HubSpot Diamond Partner was definitely one of the things that drew me to this role. As a university student who is keen to be exposed to as much marketing experience as possible, I have found Six & Flow offer insightful knowledge around inbound marketing processes that can rarely be found elsewhere. Part of my time here will be spent picking up that knowledge through HubSpot training courses. These are made up of a series of videos followed by short quizzes. 

So what have I done so far? Part of my day to day involves  the process of data mapping. I have found this particularly interesting as I had no idea there were so many tools and methods to find data (or in other words, stalk people!). Researching and collating this data has demonstrated to me how much work goes into even just the initial stages of the process.

I have also been exposed to creating and scheduling social content which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve learnt a variety of things, from adopting different tones of voice, the optimum length of social posts and the extra features needed for different platforms. The team have taken the time to give me an insight into what they do within Six & Flow such as working with analytics. This is one of the things that has interested me the most this week as I had no idea just how in depth marketing analytics could get! 

I have also had the benefit of sitting in on video calls between members of the team and clients to understand the role we play and the clients needs.

This whirlwind of a week has flown by leaving me excited and ready for week 2! I can’t wait to continue learning new skills and getting the most out of my time here at this truly team first company. 

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