Why we're launching our new marketing and sales Growth Projects

May 19, 2020
By Rich


You’re always being told you need to have a strategy for your sales and marketing, right?

You’ve sat through endless workshops running through hours of strategy sessions to figure out where you want to be as a business in six, nine, 12 months, and mapping out how you’re going to get there.

Without a strategy, there is only stuff.

Except sometimes you really do need to focus a bit less on strategy (it’s always going to be important) and put more effort into those short-term, high impact quick wins in your marketing, sales and customer service.

There are two - possibly three - problems you’ve run into.

One, you lack the in-house expertise and resources to be able to do these tasks yourself.

Two, you’re not sure about the credentials of the freelancers available. They’re out there, and some of them are great, but you don’t know.

And three, you don’t have the budget to sign up to a long-term agency contract and they won’t help you with the short-term stuff until you commit to a long-term retainer.

This is why we’ve decided to launch “Growth Projects”, which give you the flexibility to use our expertise to accomplish your short-term goals, without the need to sign up to 12 months of ongoing work.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re still in the market for those ongoing relationships with clients and we always will be. For sustained growth, strategy is key and ultimately, the long-term relationships are the ones that lead to the best results.


Our growth projects are designed for a few specific situations:

  • You don’t have the budget for a retained engagement
  • You only need our services for a short period of time

We know from our own experience that budgets are usually the biggest barrier for you bringing in an agency.

But we also believe that this shouldn’t stop you getting access to expertise that could help you with short-term projects such as bringing in new technology like marketing or sales automation, training your team on using software like HubSpot & Drift, or just adding some capacity to your own team for a bit when you need it.

Just because you don’t want an agency for a long period, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice the quality of the help you can get - which is when our growth projects could be useful to you.


Our Growth Projects deliver high impact results without the long term agency contracts


Could you benefit from these Growth Projects?

We have to say, these Growth Projects aren’t for everyone, and more often than not you will actually benefit more from a longer-term agency relationship so we get to know your business inside out and guide you to growth over the long term.

But, you would probably benefit from these Growth Projects if you recognise yourself in one of these categories:

  • You’re a small or medium business with limited budget
  • You’re a large business with a short-term need for expertise or experience
  • Your business has an immediate need for some short-term capacity to fill a skills gap

If you lean on us for this short-term need, you know that you have a team of experts with years’ of experience behind them working with you, and you get more time to concentrate on the important long-term success of your business.

These are not bespoke campaigns tailored specifically to you, they’re services you can choose from, for a fixed cost and we’ll come up with a solution that works, and then that’s it.

We’ve designed these Growth Projects to be light touch on our part so there’s minimal account management but the first time we work together we’ll run an audit of what you’re doing to be sure the activity we’re doing is actually going to have some benefit.

After that, we do the work you’ve hired us for, we report back on the results, we’ll give you an outline of other areas you might want to consider working on and then you can either work with us again, or we go our separate ways.

There’s no commitment on your part.

The tasks we could do include:

  • Getting you set up with HubSpot, Drift or Vidyard
  • Building your landing pages or email creative
  • Creating content like guides, whitepapers or even webinar campaigns
  • Training and platform onboarding


These Growth Projects might not be for you if…

Like we’ve said, these growth projects are designed to work with minimal account management on our part, and no long term commitment on yours.

They’re designed for ease, simplicity and high, short-term impact.

If you’re looking for a more long-term, sustained inbound marketing or sales strategy, videos for sales, website build or anything that doesn’t fall within these growth projects, we’re still here to work with you - but these Growth Projects won’t do you any good.

If you're looking for high impact quick wins for your business but don't want to sign up to long-term agency agreements then our Growth Projects are just what you're looking for. Find out how they can help your business. Click below.


Our Growth Projects deliver high impact results without the long term agency contracts