Tech Stack Updates and Product Releases - 15th May

May 15, 2020
By Kate

Like us, you probably assumed that there isn't much growth happening in many verticals outside of hand soap, PPE & Amazon orders at the moment.

Well in our world, the glamorous world of mar-tech, there is one tool in particular thats been in high demand since the pandemic hit. Customers are leaning on messaging and live chat channels more than ever to get their questions answered.

Currently performing 26% above pre-COVID weekly averages, conversational marketing is clearly an area to focus your efforts if you aren't already.

We've pulled together the top inbound marketing product updates and a recommended read thats all the rage right now.

  1. Product Launch: Drift Clips
  2. Product Update: HubSpot app homepage
  3. Product Update: Drift Insider courses
  4. Product Update: HubSpot organic social targeting


1) Product launch: Drift Clips

TikTok is the app that everyone is talking about, and they've just passed 2 billion downloads. This got the Drift team thinking...could it work in B2B?

Their new feature, 'Drift Clips' combines the recording and editing features of TikTok with the tracking and messaging of Drift Video. You can record short clips & easily edit them together to make one awesome video.

What more could you want? Bring your creativity to life and start recording now!




2) Product Update: HubSpot app homepage

When you click on your HubSpot icon, it goes to the reporting dashboard. Useful for some but not others.

Now you can customise what you want your homepage to be without affecting other users. If you're a content writer that might be the blog or email tool, if you're in sales it might be deals or tasks, or a service rep can be tickets or inbox.

Head over to the profile & preferences section in your HubSpot account to update.




3) Product Update: Drift Insider courses

Drift has bundled together their most popular classes, lessons and videos to create Drift courses. Taught by top-level industry leaders, you'll be sure to up your marketing and sales game.

So far they've included the best teachings from RevGrowth in all things marketing and sales, the #NoFilter series and, this weeks course...All About ABM.

Stay tuned for more.START LEARNING



4) Product Update: HubSpot organic social targeting

If you have audience in different countries speaking different languages, listen up!

The HubSpot social tool now allows you to target Facebook posts based on location and language within the 'create custom audience' section. This means you can post something in Spanish and select that only Spanish speaking countries see that post.

Head over to create social post, select facebook and then click 'Public audience' to select up to 5 countries to target and up to 5 languages.




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