Top advice for 2019 from a diamond HubSpot partner agency

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    Tom - 01.02.2019
    Top advice for 2019 from a diamond HubSpot partner agency

    As a diamond HubSpot partner agency, we like to shout about what we've managed to achieve with this software. HubSpot is core to our own sales and marketing strategy, and we call ourselves a 'growth agency' for good reason. So without any further ado, here are our tips for any new HubSpotters looking to grow in 2019.

    It's time to study

    We are not an agency defined the many partners we work with, or by the number of badges displayed on our website. We are defined by the people in our team, who do amazing work growing our clients. We like to think we innovate, we see opportunity when it rears its cunning head, and darn it we really care.

    As it happens, our people are all experts at using various aspects of the HubSpot platform, and this is thanks to a combination of practice and study. The HubSpot Academy contains a whole range of training modules and certifications to help you master every tool on the platform.

    HubSpot's software can make business a whole lot easier, but it can seem overwhelming to new users. That’s why we recommend all new clients take the Inbound certification to establish a core understanding.


    Look into new conversational tools

    We are one of only six diamond HubSpot partner agencies in the UK, we know our stuff both in the HubSpot scene and in how to grow businesses. It means we work obsessively, tirelessly to keep up with (or ideally ahead of) the latest and greatest trends in marketing.

    So as a sign of good faith, I will let you in on one of our latest tools - HubSpot conversations.

    Conversational marketing is a term that rationalises a way of thinking that, when it’s explained, is one of the most obvious ideas in marketing right now. If someone is on on your website, and you can actually talk to them (or converse) there and then, you have a much higher chance of converting them as a lead. Who would have thought it!

    HubSpot conversations allows you to implement live chat functions and create chatbots, which will pop up to greet your guests and offer help as soon as they land on your website. These bots can help to solve common queries, direct visitors to the right information on your site, or even book a meeting for your human team.

    In our eyes, it's hard to argue with the premise of conversational marketing, and if you aren’t looking at it with real intent in 2019, your neck is next for a clean clean shave. 


    It's not too late

    It's fair to say inbound marketing is the norm in 2019. Thanks to GDPR, cold calling purchased data lists has its head nestled firmly on the guillotine. There is still room for prospecting, but it better be tailored, realistic and genuine, or you will hear the dull buzz of a dialling tone quicker than your thumb can swipe left on Tinder.

    The best time to invest in anything is 20 years ago. The second best time is right now. With that in mind, yes perhaps you should have adopted an inbound marketing strategy when you first heard about it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start right now.

    And when you do start, stick with it. One common problem we come across? The beginnings of a great inbound marketing campaign that ended up being abandoned. Inbound marketing is more of a marathon than a sprint, and it will take a commitment of time and resources before you start to reap the rewards.

    However, the results will grow exponentially. The more content you provide, and the higher the quality of your content, the more it will be viewed… you see where I’m going with this.

    Alternatively, if you really can't wait for your inbound marketing efforts to kick in organically, we like to accelerate the process with biddable media activity. If you're curious, we'd be happy to tell you more.


    Work with a diamond HubSpot partner agency

    To circle back and tie this all up nicely, if you're serious about growing your audience, the amount of business you win and how much money you make, then make sure you're using HubSpot to its full potential. HubSpot pioneered the inbound marketing way, so it's safe to say they know their stuff.

    And if you need any help, why not partner with a diamond HubSpot partner like us? Just a suggestion.

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