Week one at Six & Flow: First impressions from an inbound strategist

June 13, 2018
By Duncan

Hi there! My name is Duncan Fenn and, as of last week, I’m the new inbound strategist here at Six & Flow. As such, it’s been a busy few days for me finding out as much as possible about the business, about the way we work, about our clients and more. 

However, while I’m new to Six & Flow, I’m not entirely new to the inbound marketing agency life. 

I cut my teeth in inbound marketing at a HubSpot partner back in 2016 and, much as the industry has grown and changed since then, it continues to be the same wild ride it always was - innovative, fast-moving, demanding, fun.

So what made me choose to come and work for Six & Flow as opposed to another inbound marketing agency? Here are some of my first impressions - both from the hiring process and from week one on the job - of what makes Six & Flow a bit different.


1. A collaborative environment

First off, I’ve been really impressed by the team culture here, and the fact that every person has both the opportunity and inclination to pitch in on every project.

Inbound marketing isn’t something you can do on your own sat in a corner, and you can’t be a successful inbound strategist (or content writer, or social media manager, or paid media expert) without knowledge of - and, better still, exposure to - the other moving parts in the marketing mix. Happily, collaboration feels like a key part of the Six & Flow culture, and no-one here seems to take that for granted.

This sort of thing makes for great client work, and I’m looking forward to being part of that - not to mention tapping into my new co-workers’ expertise to improve my own skill set.


2. Innovation is key in inbound marketing

I’ve also been impressed by the fact that Six & Flow isn’t just talking about innovative new inbound marketing techniques, but putting them into practice both in-house and within client work as if it’s no big deal.


Week one at Six & Flow First impressions from an inbound strategist


By way of example, I’ve been let loose on Drift in my first week, and can see I’ll have the pleasure of working with a team who are switched-on and articulate about the practicalities of conversational marketing and its potential to create and nurture inbound leads.

3. Opportunities to add value

Finally, I’m excited to make my own mark here. You may have noticed I haven’t said much yet about my own job as an inbound strategist, and I suppose that’s because it’s not always the easiest role to pin down - it’s as varied as inbound marketing itself, touching on a lot of different disciplines and calling for both big-picture thinking and obsessive attention to detail across the marketing spectrum.

This can make it difficult to hit the ground running with a new set of clients in a new agency environment. However, I feel like the whole team here wants me to succeed - and, moreover, wants me to speak up, bring new ideas to the table and help us all grow as a collective unit. That’s all - I’ll let you know how things go. In the meantime, here’s to a busy and successful week two!


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