What does your Spotify advertising campaign say about you?

August 22, 2017
By Hazel

When it comes to Spotify advertising, those guys are pretty quick off the mark when it comes to understanding the audience of the world’s most popular music streaming service.

Before we delve into how great advertising on Spotify could be for your brand though, we wanted to give you a few statistics. So, listen up (sorry.)

Remember when Spotify first popped up back in 2008? Everyone whined that they didn’t need yet another music streaming service. Well, it turns out they did. One of Spotify’s best attributes is that it’s free (if you don’t mind the advertising).

So are people actually bothered by Spotify adverts? No, in fact 75% of listeners agree that adverts are a fair price to pay for free audio content. With over 140 million people actively using Spotify’s free service, it turns out most people are pretty happy putting up with advertising in exchange for free tunes.

You can of course upgrade to premium, but many don’t, and the number of users going free far outweighs the number of premium subscribers.

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Spotify advertising benefits from brilliant analysis

After analysing how over 140 million people listen to music, Spotify have identified three streaming habits:

Discovery – the effort people make to seek out unfamiliar music

Diversity – the range of music people listen to

Tilt – the work people put into curating their streaming experience 

Based on these streaming habits, Spotify have cultivated their personas, applying different behaviour patterns to different groups. The habits identified by Spotify can help you to build up a greater understanding of your target audience, and to understand how best to engage with them. Spotify even go as far as giving suggestions on how to reach them.

If you work in marketing or advertising, you’ll know how important it is to keep up with the times, diversify how you target individuals, and keep things fresh. No one wants to be left behind, and if you still think radio advertising is effective, you might want to have a quiet word with yourself.

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Spotify killed the radio ads 

Sure, radio advertising probably still works to an extent, but with the same adverts repeated time and time again to a wide audience, there are much more effective ways to spend your money. 

Not only can you not accurately measure ROI with radio advertising, you’re also sending out the same message to many different groups, many of whom won’t identify with what you’re trying to do because it doesn’t provide any value to them. 

At Six & Flow, we regularly sit down and plot out different lead personas for each of our clients. It sounds pretty wanky, but knowing your audience is the key to success.

It’s not always as simple as identifying your audience either; it’s really understanding how they like to be targeted. For example, according to Spotify, millennials like a personal approach. If an ad doesn’t resonate with them, they’ll ignore it, and it may actually damage how they perceive the brand.

Another disadvantage of radio advertising is that you’re required to remember information presented to you. Radio adverts often rely on you remembering a website URL or a phone number, hence the horrifically catchy jingles which are sometimes used. 

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Radio ads sounding rubbish? Try advertising on Spotify

Spotify advertising is far more effective than radio as you can target individuals based on their geographical location, the language they speak, their age, gender, their behaviour, the time of day they listen and even how they’re listening.

If you’re marketing savvy, you’ll know the importance that marketers place on devices. With 52% of Spotify listening taking place on mobile, you probably need to make sure that whatever you’re advertising is optimised for mobile too.

With x people can also click straight through to the website or landing page, rather than having to try and remember all the contact details to use at a later date.

Sounding good to you? Get in touch with Six & Flow to chat more. We’re an inbound marketing agency, keen as mustard to help clients explore exciting new marketing mediums like Spotify.


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