Why I would work for Six & Flow, even though I’m leaving?

May 23, 2019
By Tom

So when I first started at Six & Flow I was charged with writing a blog a week for the first month, it’s something all new starters are encouraged to do, I love to write and was happy to do so. Reading back through those early blogs I see how far I have come, in my writing style, maturity and understanding of Inbound and the digital landscape as a whole.

So I thought I would write a sign off blog, potentially it will never get posted but at the very least it will be a nice thing for everyone to read post my departure and at the very best an honest account of why if you are looking to work at an agency where you will actually like the people you work with, Six & Flow could be a great move for you.

Rich, Captain of the ship, gave me my first real opportunity in this big old town, regardless of me leaving to try my hand at something else (which we will get onto later) I owe a lot to this man, him taking a leap of faith on me and doing what he could to grow me as a marketer is something I will not forget.

Adam equally to thank for getting me my shot, one of the most complex and intelligent men I’ve ever met, seems to have an in depth and cultivated knowledge of everything, like everything. Get’s angry at weird stuff but keep him well fed, constantly learn from him and you honestly cannot go wrong.

Chris, an emotionally intelligent and articulate professor of digital development, a mentor and the second funniest person in the office (after me). Never unhappy to help, plays devils advocate when needed and is often the voice of reason. Willing to speak out when needed. A gentleman, again, learn from him and you cannot go wrong.

Alice, Alice this bit is about you, Alice are you there….?

A master of self discipline, zoning out and just getting things done, the dark horse and silent warrior of Six & Flow, has had to wear many hats in her time, I’d argue too many at times, but takes on a lot of work in her stride and is probably a genius when it’s comes to SEO and the written word. Most likely to ignore you but also be the friendliest. I dunno, it’s weird but it works.

The Rose of Six & Flow, Rose. Pretty much the face of our digital presence, a grafter with grace, she will make you feel the most welcome and be ready to help in anyway she can, with youth on her side takes to most things like a duck to water and is growing rapidly. A dream to work with. Piggy.

Charlotte, the closer of business, to put it simply just makes it look fucking easy, which for me it was anything but. Understands the needs of people and takes charge when necessary. A big help to me and I even begrudgingly started to like her dog. FS.




Jordan, the back bone of our creativity, a sweetheart and pleasure to be around. My comedy relief and weird discussion partner. Helped me when ever he could, proud of his work and an artist. Someone I would actually go out of my way to help should he need it and someone I would definitely drink a lot of beer with.

Daz, Razzle Dazzle, the Chameleon head, a stupid sense of humour, terrible, awful. Dress sense is worse, singing voice OMG please let it stop. Does anyone know more about biddable however… no, I don’t think so. A creative intelligence and love of numbers that is genuinely surprising. You will start to hate that you love his humour and some of his shirts will actually catch your eye, maybe, sometimes. The singing though… think about the first time Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool, I mean the very first time.

Becca, I’d like to start with the very start of this relationship but I feel it could be misconstrued so I’ll just say this, having not worked with Becca much across the company, but hearing her most days taking client calls, there is no one better to understand and manage the clients on a personal level. A wooer of the enraged soul, when the fires are raging and clients are calling. Send in Becs.

Duncan, he crushed my piano moving dreams before they had begun, has very strong views around the point system we use and again is a dream to work with. An honest and power worker of this agency, similar to Alice, runs campaigns, manages clients and dominates Drift in it’s entirety. Has a dark yet subtle humour and like everyone in the office, I’m just a big fan.

Sarah, I hope has a genuine care for everyone who works here, the go to person should you have any needs, and one way or another will do her best to make your life as easy as possible. Knows she has a business to run but also that it’s full of real people, who have real lives and real problems.

Fiasa, even though she has worked here such a little amount of time I have begun to honestly feel like I’ve known her years. Makes me shake my head and chuckle just as much as she makes me belly laugh. An underestimated enchantress of digital marketing, a real people person, and lover of talking and food. Get sat next to her and you will never go bored or hungry again.

Loua, the second of the new starters who I clicked with instantly, again proving to the point that this agency really does care about the people it hires, that people from all kinds of walks of life make for a better team. A fresh look at how we should do things, easy to get along with, delicious taste in music, one to watch definitely.

As the saying goes, last but not least, Paul my table tennis tormentor, a tech genius who is picking up building websites in HubSpot quicker than Daz changes his hair, a lovely and engaging man. Shows a genuine interest in everyone and more importantly will pull your pants down at table tennis. I’m not bitter, you're bitter.

So that’s it, that’s all, honest. Got you! As if I could forget about Emma. She’s the rock and newly anointed moral champion of the office. A touch of kindness and fun every workplace needs, would go to the moon and back for you. Loves to drink and ski apparently, I just think she loves to drink. Also smokes 30 to 40 cigars a day. And the devils cabbage at weekend. Shocking, I know.




That is an honest account of the people that make up this place, and why you will actually like working here. No everyday won’t be exciting, it’s work and you have chosen to work in marketing. Some days will be long and boring, some days will be interesting and challenging. Some days will be chilled and you laugh all day. Some days the clock will stop, some days you won’t have time to look at the clock and you will walk through St Anne’s square at 5:35 pm and be proud of what you’ve done to help someone’s company grow.

I’m leaving in honesty because I don’t know that I will ever be amazing at this game, I showed promise occasionally, ambition now and then but was fighting a losing battle at doing my actual job and whilst I’m young, healthy and hungry to succeed at something, I needed to set out to try and find what that is.

It was the people though, more than anything that made me happy to be here.