Integrate your entire marketing suite with the right Drift support

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John - 09.09.2018

Did you know that, with the right Drift support, you can do much more with the software than talking to potential customers?



A lot of people looking to implement chatbots like Drift think that it’s only useful for holding two-way conversations with site visitors. It is incredibly useful in that sense – the earlier you contact a lead who has made a query, the more likely you are to qualify it.

Shockingly, 58% of businesses take more than five days to respond to a lead. With the right Drift support, your sales and marketing teams can be talking to prospects, qualifying them and closing deals in a matter of seconds – if implemented with the right inbound strategy.

There is so, so much more that you can get from Drift by working with a specialist Drift partner, though. One of our the most powerful things it can do is align sales and marketing departments, streamline them and improve overall business efficiency to boost growth.


With the right Drift support you can integrate your entire marketing suite 2


How can Drift help my sales and marketing departments?

So, how exactly can Drift help you become a more efficient business? Quite easily actually; we know because, as the UK’s first ever Drift partner, we’ve been using the software to improve our own approach to marketing efforts and that of our clients.

For one B2C client, we managed to get their lead costs five times lower with Drift instead of using static forms. For another, we were able to generate £478,500 in revenue from Drift leads within four months. For ourselves, too, we were able to cut our sales cycle by 33%; you can read more about those results here.

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Those improvements weren’t simply achieved simply by talking to prospects through Drift. Crucial to that success was integrating the Drift platform into marketing suites and wider digital strategies to gather and share information internally more efficiently and effectively.

Drift can help you to do that. The platform is able to seamlessly integrate with some of the most popular CRMs on the market today as well as other software critical to the sales and marketing process, making it an integral part of your tool stack crucial for future growth.


With the right Drift support you can integrate your entire marketing suite


Refine your marketing department with a Drift partner

One of the most dangerous things you can do in modern marketing is silo information; get customer information through Twitter, for instance, and keep it in a spreadsheet; keep email data in another spreadsheet; leave phone numbers in another with it all being left to one side…

It leads to a disjointed way of working that isn’t beneficial for anyone. Drift, though, can integrate with platforms such as Salesforce, Shopify, HubSpot, Slack, Marketo, Zapier and others to make sure people are always connected and that information is always collected and shared with the people who can make best use of it.

That allows your sales and marketing teams to not only get in front of the right leads almost instantly; it also means the information you consensually collect can be shared and distributed to the right departments so action can be taken quickly and efficiently, all through the power of Drift and conversational marketing.

There’s much more to it than that, of course. Find out more about how Drift can help you to better qualify leads, attract more prospects and make internal departments more efficient by speaking to Six & Flow today!

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