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Six & Flow is proud to have been the very first Drift partner in the UK. Ever since then, we've been keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to conversational marketing techniques and inbound marketing strategies.

As a Drift partner and as a customer ourselves, we know the software can qualify better leads, speed up customer response times, boost ROI and much more. Now we want to spread the word and help you reap the benefits too.


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What can the right Drift support do for your business?

Drift is much more than a chat window sat on your website. Think of it as a personal receptionist, on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Drift can answer people’s most common questions, schedule meetings, improve efficiency amongst departments and more.

By introducing a conversational marketing strategy to your existing inbound efforts, you can get your sales and marketing teams in front of customers and potential leads in seconds. However, there's lots to consider, and you may benefit from expert Drift support to achieve the best possible results.

With the right Drift support, you can perfect a fluid sales experience and website visitor journey. So long static forms, hello fast and effective interactions that can qualify leads and close deals.


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Work with integration experts

Work with integration experts

Six & Flow can help to incorporate Drift with existing CRMs and tool stacks including HubSpot, Slack, Shopify, Salesforce, Marketo and many others.

We know our Drift tools

We know our Drift tools

Various Drift tools can connect your team with recipients instantly. Find times to suit both you and the client with Drift meeting scheduling, and cut down on inbox clutter with Drift email sequences.

Scripting chats is our speciality

Scripting chats is our speciality

Office closed? Keep customers moving through your sales pipeline with scripted conversations. We can help you to map out, write and set up scripts to fill any need.

Join our Driftups

Join our Driftups

Six & Flow has been running UK Driftups to educate new users on the platform, support them in implementation and introduce them to others undergoing the same experiences.

Cruelty free testing

Cruelty free testing

We experiment on the Six & Flow website! Before we install new Drift functionalities across any clients, you can be sure we've tried them out for ourselves, so we can give honest and fully informed feedback.

Work with the first UK Drift partner

We were a first UK Drift partner

Drift's partner programme only includes a handful of agencies across Europe, and there are just two Drift partners in the UK. We have longstanding relationships with the Drift team, and regular communications.

Six & Flow is proud to be a certified Drift marketing partner


Six & Flow, the first ever Drift partner in the UK

As a team of inbound marketing specialists, we’re always experimenting with new tools and ways to perfect the inbound marketing process. When we discovered Drift, we knew it was something big.

Drift are the pioneers behind the concept of conversational marketing, and their platform is more than a novelty designed to impress site visitors. We know because we’ve been using it, testing it and stretching it beyond its capabilities, both for ourselves and for our clients.

The results have been astonishing; so much so that we’ve taken the radical step of ridding ourselves of contact forms on-site. That means if you want to talk to us, the best way to do it is click the floating button on your screen and beginning a conversation with a member of our team.


Powering sales with expert Drift support

For some, that can be a shock. It’s a fair reaction; static forms have been the staple to collecting data and generating leads for decades, how can you possibly do without them?

Frankly, we haven’t looked back. Can Drift help you that much? Well, within the first three months of installing Drift, we saw...

  • 23% uplift in new leads
  • 15% rise in new customers
  • 33% decrease in overall sales cycle
  • Inroads made into new US markets

And that’s just from spending 20 minutes a day on the platform!

All well and good for us, you may think; we have the time to fiddle with Drift and test its capabilities. Again, fair comment, but wait until you see some of the results we’ve delivered for some of our clients simply by adding a conversational approach to their inbound marketing strategy. 

With our expert Drift support, we were able to increase overall lead volume by 13% and boost sales by 16% in the short space of six months. This particular client also saw a massive 45% uplift in conversion rate; far higher than they were experiencing with traditional static forms.


How Drift helps improve the customer experience

Another B2C client of ours saw 57% of total leads generated from Drift, with 28% of all sales coming from the platform. Crucially, Drift leads cost five times less when compared to using static lead generation forms on-site.

How can Drift help that much, though? It’s simple. Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes. You visit a site looking for information or a specific product. You spend a while looking around, and when you finally find it, you have to spend a while filling in a form to get to the next stage.

It can be tiresome and annoying. Critically, if you end up feeling unsatisfied and don’t get what you initially wanted, you may jump ship and see what a competitor can offer.

Drift provides something instant and personal. Instead of feeling lost and filling in forms, a prospect can instantly communicate with a human member of your sales or marketing teams, and get access to what they’re looking for straight away. Drift, more than any other lead generation technique we’ve come across, bridges the gap between brand and customer.


Drift support for your wider inbound marketing strategy

According to Drift, 90% of companies aren’t responding to customers in the five-minute timeframe – the optimal time to answer leads and get them on board. Astonishingly, 58% of companies take five days or more to respond to a lead via email.

Statistics from the Harvard Business Review show that contacting potential customers within an hour of receiving a query makes a company seven times more likely to qualify a lead.

For a lot of companies though, it’s understandable why they’re taking so long to respond to people. Sales teams, for instance, may become preoccupied with data entry or other tasks, or the systems simply aren’t there between sales and marketing departments to share information in an efficient manner.

Not only can making team members instantly available through Drift help customers, but it can also help to better align internal departments to streamline the inbound lead generation process and improve results.


Improving your tool stack with a Drift partner

Drift does that by seamlessly connecting with CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot and Shopify, while also integrating with other modern marketing tools such as Slack, Google Analytics, Zapier and others. If this seems complicated, don't worry - an expert Drift partner such as ourselves can take care of the technical stuff so you can get down to business.

With a little Drift support in place, you no longer risk information getting lost or abandoned in spreadsheets where queries may languish for days. When complemented with a strong and creative inbound marketing strategy, it not only means better qualified leads but a better quality of leads, leading to a boost in sales and improved ROI.

That’s not just for office hours, either. With the right approach to scripting, you can qualify leads and answer relevant questions for customers even when you’re away from your desk. Working with a Drift partner can also help you offer prospects more freedom. By implementing meeting scheduling, leads can talk with your team at a time that suits both parties. Alerts can be set up to notify you when a VIP visits your website, allowing you to focus your energies on the most valuable opportunities. Leads can even be qualified and segmented you’re away from the office. With the right Drift support in place, the chances to improve customer service are virtually limitless.

Drift and conversational marketing’s relationship with inbound simply can’t be underestimated. However you attract leads and prospects to the top, middle and end of your funnel, Drift can make the sales journey flow more efficiently and effectively than static forms and web pages ever could.

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The words innovative and disruptive are used all to commonly these days, but that’s exactly what this very smart marketing agency are. Their ideas and quality of work are exceptional.

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