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Drive predictable, efficient revenue growth.

Optimise your people, processes, technology and data for better insights, streamlined operations and sustainable revenue growth.

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Our Approach to RevOps

Build a powerful revenue engine

Our approach to Revenue Operations

As an extension of your team, we consult, strategise, implement and train your team on effective revenue growth strategies. Using an optimised HubSpot portal with Ebsta, you’ll gain actionable data that helps your revenue-facing teams work seamlessly together to:

  • Generate higher quality leads and improve conversions
  • Automate and nurture leads for better conversations.
  • Gain holistic view of your data with real time reporting to create a predictable, scalable pipeline.

Dedicated experts in

  • HubSpot Elite Partner
  • Ebsta
  • Snowflake
  • Fivetran logo-1-2
  • Databox

Drive marketing-generated revenue growth

Placing revenue at the centre of your demand generation strategy

To generate high quality demand that converts, marketing efforts need to generate, build, measure and leverage the right relationships at the right time. 

By aligning your people, processes, technology, and insights in your RevOps strategy, we help you: 

  • Optimise channels and capture the right insights to understand traffic and revenue sources.
  • Create targeted and contextual campaigns based on robust personas and relationship data.
  • Manage campaigns aligned to an overarching structure with a clear view on revenue impact.

Adam Aigbokhae | Strategy Director | Six & Flow
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Ebsta Revenue Intelligence for HubSpot

Accurately predict revenue

Revenue Intelligence for HubSpot

With the right tools, processes, training and data, your sales team will exceed quota. Our RevOps consultancy removes internal sales friction to empowers your people with actionable data to forecast accurately, balance performance and drive success.

Working with Six & Flow means:

  • Robust lead qualification
  • Accurate forecasting
  • A balanced sales team performance
  • A frictionless sales engine
  • Powerful insights using real-time data
Revenue Engine Consultants

Retain and expand your customer base

Centralise your customer support to reduce churn

Improve customer satisfaction with the right technology supporting your team. By aligning customer support teams under a central revenue operations function, your team will be equipped with:

  • Data to analyse across the customer lifecycle
  • A clear structure to address customer support
  • A consolidated platform quickly to answer queries with a complete view of the customer 
  • A robust measure for client health 

Who we've worked with

  • Hostelworld Group
  • Phaidon International
  • Medavie Blue Cross
  • Janes
  • Smeg

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