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You want a successful business right?  To achieve this you need your sales team selling not doing admin or other tasks that are sucking up their time. This is where sales enablement comes in! 

Sales enablement is all about giving your team the technology, processes, and content that empowers sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher velocity.

For anyone who has worked in sales, past or present, the idea of a system that tracks and monitors everything together is music to your ears. 

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Empower your sales team with a sales enablement strategy

Older, more ‘outbound’ sales methods are dying out. Luckily, sales enablement tools are out there which can give your team deeper insight, agile processes and the right technology to help them sell more efficiently and in higher volumes. This is selling made smart.

An effective sales approach can no longer be about purchasing data lists and hoping for the best. Sales success requires a smarter way of thinking and working. An inbound approach can benefit from a sales enablement philosophy designed to help your team nurture leads in far more effective and creative ways.

Six & Flow will work with you to incorporate a sales enablement strategy into your business, as well as teach you the benefits of switching to inbound for long-term business growth.



Sales enablement is a key inbound philosophy

Defined by HubSpot as ‘the technology, processes and content that empowers sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher velocity’, the right sales enablement strategy can go a long way to improving and better managing the overall sales process with the aim of turning leads into clients.

Sales enablement does that through a number of ways, including being able to manage leads from the source. Say, if lead information comes in from a guide they have downloaded, it gives sales teams more information on why people have visited a website, what they’re looking for and more – perfect for broaching future interactions.

Using the right technology as part of the enablement process too can help to streamline sales practices. Automation for instance can help nurture leads and categorise leads through a scoring system, while chatbots can nurture leads in varying ways to guide them to a stage in the process when it’s time for a human to take over

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