What it's like Working for a Gold Tier Hubspot Partner

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    Rose - 05.12.2016
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    Since I have just recently passed my first HubSpot exam, and Six & Flow are a gold tier HubSpot agency, I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog on it.

    Before I started at Six & Flow, I had never heard of HubSpot and had no idea what it does. Now, six weeks down the line, I have passed my first exam and use it on a regular basis.

    The main thing I am using HubSpot for is social media scheduling. It probably has the edge on any other kind of marketing automation platform - I know you probably all think I’m saying this because we’re a gold tier HubSpot partner, but I genuinely believe it is! One reason for this is that you can schedule almost everything in one place at one time. I can share the same post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus, saving a lot of time. 

    Now I’m completely confident using HubSpot to schedule social posts. However, last week Adam started to teach me about views, click through rates and conversions. When he was explaining it to me it was all making sense, but think I’ll need to go over it one more time before I get it all!

    Even so, this gave me a bit more of an insight into HubSpot and how it can be used. Since we are a gold tier HubSpot partner, everyone in the office has great knowledge about using the software, which makes me want to learn more.

    Benefits of being a gold tier HubSpot partner

    Being a gold tier HubSpot partner also comes with some cool benefits. For example, as I’m sure you are all well aware, four of our team went to Boston last month for the Inbound conference. They came back with lots of funny stories, and exciting new ideas that we’re starting to use as an agency.

    Rich, our Managing Director, is also going to Dublin this week to take part in a webinar on how HubSpot has helped us grow as an agency. Tune in - you can register for the partner spotlight webinar series here! Rich will be on at 2pm on Thursday the 8th of December.

    My latest week as a social media apprentice

    Last week was an exciting week for me as an apprentice. First of all, we held a Female Entrepreneurs event, where I took control of the Instagram and Twitter account! There were three amazing speakers - we had Maya Dibley from The Landing, Sarah Wilson-Gibbons from Hey Little Cupcake and Annie O’Toole from Juxdit, who were all very inspiring.

    I also attended the Talk of Manchester awards, as we were nominated for three of them. Being a gold tier HubSpot partner in Manchester definitely raises our profile in the business world, and may have had a part to play in our multiple nominations. Even though we didn’t win, I met lots of interesting people and had a great night, though it wasn’t quite as fun being in the office the next day.

    Working with a HubSpot partner agency can complement the technical side of the HubSpot software and introduce a hugely-effective inbound marketing campaign that can take your business to the next level of growth. If you would like more information, read our blog "How working with a HubSpot partner agency helps brands grow"

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