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What is RevOps

Revenue Operations (RevOps) aligns marketing, sales, and customer service teams across the customer lifecycle. When put into practice, your organisation will break down silos and align go-to-market teams under the same revenue growth strategy. This results in improved transparency and cohesion across the technology, processes and strategy.

RevOps is the framework that brings this all together and results in enhanced revenue growth and clear ROI reporting.

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What is the impact of Revenue Operations

Predictable Pipeline Growth

Predictable Pipeline

Discover the key factors that drive sales velocity, empowering your sales team with the insights they need to close deals successfully. Identify opportunities at risk sooner, prioritise deals, and accelerate closing rates.

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Accurate Forecasts

Equip sales with enhanced data for informed decision-making throughout the customer journey. Implementing a scalable forecast schedule and leveraging leading indicators allows sales teams to analyse historical benchmarks, strategically prioritise efforts, and exceed quotas.

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Unified Experiences

RevOps prioritises the customer, recognising the direct impact of their satisfaction on revenue. By optimising people, processes, and technology, every interaction, from sales to marketing to customer service, is seamlessly coordinated, resulting in a cohesive customer experience.

GTM Alignment

GTM Alignment

RevOps aligns sales, marketing, and customer success teams around a common revenue goal. By aligning people, systems, and processes, you can eliminate inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and fragmented customer journeys.

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The challenges RevOps solves

Disconnect in the data.

Marketing and sales often operate with their own data sets, knowledge, and processes. Once RevOps is at play, it’s easier to recognise sales, marketing, and customer success as a single function.


Customers expect an integrated, seamless experience.

Customers are in search of an experience that feels personal to them. In order to achieve this level of personalisation, your entire team needs to have an understanding of the customer's journey and their business pain points.


Different goals lead to greater inefficiencies. 

Traditionally, each department within a business has its own operating function and each has different goals and priorities. The incremental improvements are falling through the gaps. Through better collaboration and visibility, RevOps provides focuses on closing gaps in the customer lifecycle through improved operational efficiency.

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5 main benefits of revops

The 5 main benefits of RevOps

  • Make data-driven decisions and have better collaboration
  • Achieve complete visibility and accountability across all teams
  • Create a single source of truth shared by everyone
  • Experience consistent and predictable pipeline and business growth
  • Create better customer experiences that lead to higher win rates and faster sales cycles

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When is the right time to adopt RevOps

  • Your team and tech stack are growing, it's pretty likely there are opportunities to improve efficiencies and experience cost savings
  • Your workflows are complicated and responsibilities are not always clear
  • Your go-to-market teams aren't collaborating closely
  • The data in your CRM is unorganised, full of duplicates, and unstandardised.

Get 7 RevOps Strategies

When is it time to adopt revops
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Begin Implementing RevOps

Understanding RevOps is the first step. But how do you put these ideas into practice?

We've teamed up with Ebsta to create a RevOps guide where we share 7 RevOps strategies. These strategies can be effectively applied across your go-to-market teams, leading to greater revenue growth.

Get 7 RevOps Strategies


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