What is RevOps?

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Adam - 22.04.2021
what is revops

When speaking to C-Level members of a team, if you ask them what is the ideal state when a business primed for growth, you will get a statement similar to the following: "A strong product with high demand, being dealt with by an engaged team creating a seamless customer experience. All of this is underpinned by technology that supports the whole business and sits as a single source of truth."

Sound ideal , doesn't it? But how many businesses are achieving this currently? Let's be honest... hardly any. 

So how do we get to this state of optimal growth? Short answer, It's not easy and requires an in depth examination of your entire business focussing on what is working effectively, what is just barely working, and what is not working at all. 

This is where RevOps is gaining ground.

Revenue operations is a centralised function that serves all your revenue-generating teams including sales, marketing, and customer success. Traditionally, each department within a business has its own operating function and they each report to the head of their division. This means sales operations report to the Head of Sales and marketing operations report to the Head of Marketing, etc. Each team has their own set of goals and priorities and, for the most part, it works.

The challenge with this way of working is that each division is separated. The goals and priorities are all different and this makes coordination and alignment a lot harder to implement.

This is where RevOps comes in

Revenue operations provide the opportunity to bring all those teams together and be more transparent about driving revenue across marketing, sales, upsells and renewals. RevOps allows you to focus on: 

  • People 
  • Processes
  • Data 
  • Tech

By aligning and looking at these aspects holistically, you will be able to achieve effective growth. 

What problem does RevOps solve? 

Revenue operations combines to improve many areas such as retention, acceleration, and profitability. But the core focus is on the one aspect that will underpin your entire revenue base.

The customer experience

Brands are no longer built through advertising and message saturation- they are built through experiences. Within high growth enterprise markets, it has long been understood that people want human, comforting and effortless experiences. In a space where features become more and more homogenous and brands have less differentiation, focussing on the customer's experience at every interaction pre and post sales is what will secure your revenue.

People often think of customer experience as simply a design function focussed on on website and shop fronts, but it's much more than that. A "customer experience" is about using all of your resources and insights to define and deliver an experience that provides value to your customers and resonates with them.

Revenue operations isn't simply about focussing on one aspect of your company. It's about  reinventing the company across products, marketing operations, sales and commerce and customer service.

Revenue operations provide the alignment needed across sales, marketing and customer success to deliver a seamless end-to-end customer experience. And with an improved buyer journey comes higher retention and increased growth. 

Revenue operations as a process

Revenue operations is fundamentally a simple process:

  • Have a strong product
  • Create clear and engaging marketing messages
  • Remove as much friction from your conversion points as possible
  • Have a proactive sales team who can offer a consultative selling approach
  • Have a handoff process from sales to delivery that gives the customer clear expectations
  • Deliver above and beyond on the expectations 
  • Track every touchpoint in the journey above
  • Report on and then repeat the process.

Totally easy, right? 

Looking at this many people will begin to wonder where to begin. The best place to start is with a ton of Post-Its and this simple question: "What are we actually offering as a business?" instead of "what am I selling?" or "what are we marketing?" Think about what you're offering, and what its value is in the marketplace.

Before you even begin your revenue operations journey, you need to understand this point. Without it, you will never be able to align your people, processes, tech stack, or data.

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What is RevOps?


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