What is Revenue Intelligence?

Unlock key insights that fuel growth, drive sales, and maximise profitability.

Revenue Intelligence gives you a complete view of your entire revenue cycle. By analysing key performance indicators (KPIs), identifying team targets, and tracking signals affecting deal progression, you can operate based on data, not guesswork.

Free Guide to Revenue Intelligence KPIs
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Why does revenue intelligence matter

CRM's are foundational, offering insight into your customers. However, these insights are limited to “Mechanical” data and not “Contextual” data. 

Revenue Intelligence tools merge the gap by offering actionable insight into factors across marketing, sales and customer service that will help you increase revenue.

You'll gain answers to critical questions such as,

  • Which deals are at risk?
  • What steps can I take to increase the probability of my deal closing?
  • Which deals are more likely to move to closed-won and should be prioritised? 

How does revenue intelligence affect your operations

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Become data-driven

By tracking KPIs and customer behaviour, you can identify patterns and trends that impact revenue, and easily implement the needed changes across your customer facing teams.

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Achieve alignment

Give cross-functional teams access to the data they need to drive revenue. Marketers understand their role in driving sales velocity, sales improves win rates, and customer support identifies upsell opportunities and churn risks. 

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Create empowered teams

Equip your teams with the right insights and tools to create revenue-generating activities, track their impact towards revenue, and identify areas for improvement. 

Build a high-performing sales team

Identify trends in your sales performance, customer behaviour, and market segments to optimise strategies at scale.

  • Identify the activities and processes of high-performing reps to replicate success.
  • Benchmark deal health based on historical performance to spot trends and areas for coaching.
  • Understand factors influencing lagging indicators to adjust sales strategies and drive better outcomes.
Build a high-performing sales team
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Identify the factors that drive pipeline velocity

See individualised metrics and tap into actionable insights in seconds.

  • Access metrics that highlight accounts, personas, lead sources, and deal age factors driving revenue.
  • Quickly spot pipeline risks and identify areas for improvement to drive forecast accuracy.
  • Align your sales and marketing strategy towards activities that improve win rates. 
Improve forecasting accuracy

Improve forecasting accuracy

Increase forecast accuracy and close rates with real-time insights into deal health and pipeline coverage.

  • Prioritise deals based on leading indicators and pipeline coverage to focus your efforts where they matter most.
  • Spot deals at risk and uncover which are likely to close with AI-driven insights and activity metrics.
  • Analyse and compare team performance on various KPIs and outcomes versus peers to drive continuous improvement.

What is Ebsta

Ebsta's Revenue Platform is built on three powerful pillars: Forecasting Insights, Activity Insights, and Pipeline Insights. 

  • The platform offers sales leaders with the data-driven insights they need to accurately predict forecasts and understand pipeline health. 
  • Sales managers gain a 360-degree view of each customer and prospect into one singular view. Easily identify high-performing reps and replicate their best practices across the team.
  • Sales reps can track their own performance, identify patterns and trends, and make data-driven decisions to accelerate deal velocity and close more deals.

Bringing Revenue Intelligence to HubSpot

Ebsta for Revenue Intelligence

Ebsta turns sales activity into engagement insights so that sales teams can create stronger relationships with prospects. 

  • By analysing the historical performance of each rep, Ebsta scores the health of individual deals, helping to spot risk in your pipeline.
  • Review deal factors and health benchmark scores to understand how to increase the likelihood of a deal closing.
  • Ensure your team has the right level of pipeline coverage to meet quota. 
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Account based marketing with HubSpot
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Track These Core Metrics To Propel Revenue Growth

We've created a free guide to uncover the critical Revops Metrics for improving sales velocity and boosting revenue growth.

Inside, you'll discover:

  • North Star Metrics that provide a clear and focused way to track progress towards your company's goals.
  • Demand Generation Metrics to identify and improve traffic generation, engagement and revenue.
  • Sales Management Metrics that help you build a team of high-performers.
  • Service & Retention Metrics to improve customer retention and identify new revenue opportunities. 

Track These RevOps KPIs

Break Linear Growth.

We've created a guide on the metrics you should be tracking across the customer lifecycle. From Demand Generation to customer success, you need to understand what metrics impact revenue.