Why use Dialpad

A Guide to Dialpad for HubSpot Users

Unlock productivity, collaboration, and customer satisfaction with Dialpad.

Dialpad is the leading AI-powered Customer Intelligence Platform that seamlessly combines contact centre, sales, voice, meetings, and messaging,  all in one beautiful workspace.

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AI-Powered Intelligence Platform

Dialpad Ai captures and learns from every conversation. With built-in speech recognition and natural language processing, Dialpad Ai delivers insights and automates workflows across employee and customer experiences.





How does Dialpad integrate with Sales Hub

Integrate Dialpad seamlessly with HubSpot to synchronise sales data and call activities across both systems, enabling sales leaders to gain a holistic view and improve forecasting accuracy.

With Dialpad, you'll benefit from automated call logging, real-time call transcription, and AI-powered call recaps.

Empower your team to enhance productivity using Dialpad's AI-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform, freeing up valuable time for meaningful conversations with prospects.

Benefits of the HubSpot - Dialpad integration

AI Powered Customer Intelligence

Real-Time Insights

The native Dialpad HubSpot integration allows you to get the most out of your team and customer conversations with real-time transcriptions, sentiment analysis, live agent coaching, predictive CSAT and more.

Sales Automation

Automated Outreach and Call Management

Automate sales outreach, call logs, reminders, and actions that let your agents know when it’s time to engage a prospect.

One place for customer profiles

Data-Driven Sales Conversations

Pull in prospect data, social information, and company data to guide sales conversations.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Effortless Call Log Management

Ensure calls are logged accurately and associated with the correct contact record and remove duplicate records automatically using HubSpot.

Why Six & Flow and Dialpad

Integrating HubSpot with Dialpad offers clients an enhanced RevOps tech stack to drive greater revenue growth. 

Picture streamlined operations, improved customer interactions, and heightened efficiency. This partnership supports our dedication to driving customer success through seamless communication and smarter CRM management.

Together with Dialpad, we're rewriting the playbook for driving revenue growth.

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