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Medavie Blue Cross is a not-for-profit national health and wellness solutions partner. They are recognised as the number one insurer in Atlantic Canada that provides health, travel, life, and disability income coverage to groups and individuals. 

Founded in 1943, Medavie Blue Cross has been growing exponentially over the past decade. They now provide insurance plans for over 1-million customers nationwide and have grown their team base to over 2000 employees. They have nearly 80% market share in Atlantic Canada. 


Medavie Blue Cross implemented HubSpot in order to better manage contact, offer personalized communication, and make data-driven decisions.

Why Six & Flow

Medavie Blue Cross was looking for a HubSpot partner agency to help implement HubSpot and integrate the platform with their existing CRM, Salesforce. The insurance provider chose to work with us for a number of reasons. To start, they valued our international presence, specifically in Canada. We immediately understood their business challenge and proposed tangible solutions that could be implemented in phases.


“Six & Flow offered the right balance for what we were trying to achieve. The team offered solutions off the bat, rather than telling us what we wanted to hear. They showed us a tangible path on how we would work towards our desired outcome” 

Jeff Smeltzer, Senior Marketing Advisor, Digital

The challenge

When Medavie Blue Cross first approached us, they were previously working with a marketing agency to manage their CRM and marketing efforts. They were looking to implement Hubspot in addition to offering their team training on how to use the platform effectively.

Their core challenges can be summarised by:

  • Manual processes
  • Limited conversion points
  • No automation
  • Disparate systems
  • Siloed reporting. 

Manual Processes

Current processes required manual intervention and took their sales team away from completing revenue-generating activities. During conversations with leads, the Medavie Blue Cross sales team verbally captured vital data, however, little automation was in place to have these data points be reflected in their CRM.  


Lead generation and lead conversion

At the time, Medavie Blue Cross was completing marketing campaigns through organic and paid means. They were looking to optimise their lead generation to attract higher-quality leads. 


No automation in place to nurture existing customers

Medavie Blue Cross did not have any automation in place to nurture existing customers and proactively suggest new insurance plans. Prior to implementing HubSpot, Medavie Blue Cross had the data points that indicated when a customer might be needing to change their insurance plan but did not have the automation in place to trigger emails that would promote upsells. As such, they were missing valuable opportunities to better retain clients and engage with existing customers. 


Disparate Systems 

Before implementing HubSpot, the Medavie Blue Cross marketing team was using different systems for individual marketing activities. They had a system for email, one for campaign reporting, and another for digital advertising. They wanted to bring everything together to allow the marketing team to implement campaigns and changes quickly. Internal teams were misaligned as they were operating on disparate systems without a clear picture of how individual marketing activity was feeding into their wider goals. 


Siloed reporting

As a result of the disparate systems, in combination with the fact that conversion points were being captured through a middleware solution, Medavie Blue Cross was unable to track the buyer’s journey from lead to customer. The team did not have a clear understanding of what marketing and sales activities were working. These siloed systems fed into their reporting where each internal marketing and sales team had their own goals, but they were not being fed into their overarching revenue and growth goals. 


Through consultation, we learned that Medavie needed: 

  1. Marketing and sales automation that would allow them to generate and capture more leads, and buy back time for their sales team.
  2. Optimised lead generation process to grow market share across Atlantic Canada
  3. To capture the traffic generated from the broker they purchased 
  4. 360° degree reporting
Jeff Smeltzer, Senior Marketing Advisor, Digital Senior Marketing Advisor, Digital  Medavie Blue Cross

HubSpot has empowered the marketing and sales team to become more aligned. Now, our teams have access to the same data and are working towards the same goals.

Jeff Smeltzer, Medavie Blue Cross


We first completed a workshop to map the current strategy and processes that Medavie Blue Cross had in place. We needed to understand:

  • Their requirements
  • Sales and marketing processes end-to-end
  • Marketing, sales and retention personas
  • Their current tech stack 
  • The friction points that exist across marketing, sales and customer service.


Once the workshop was completed, our team put together an action plan for implementing HubSpot, integrating systems, and creating an inbound sales and marketing strategy, before offering the training to enable the Medavie Blue Cross team to continue leveraging HubSpot for ongoing success.


Marketing Hub Implementation 

In order for the team to succeed, Medavie Blue Cross needed to merge what were their isolated systems for marketing activities into one centralised hub. We advised them to implement Marketing Hub Enterprise

Now, the team is able to manage and track their ad campaigns and social media efforts. With respect to communication, they have a series of templates created and automated emails that enable the marketing team to deliver more personalised emails to leads and existing customers. 

Leads are captured through HubSpot landing pages and blogs where they can track all their marketing efforts at the campaign level. 


Marketing Automation

Medavie Blue Cross needed to increase the use of automation to help buyers move down the funnel faster. We identified where blockers and friction points existed within the sales cycle and introduced automation to allow the sales team to focus on their most important activities.

Now, form responses automatically trigger lifecycle stage updates and leads are systematically added to contact lists. This ensures the leads are enrolled in personalised email nurture workflows. HubSpot automation then triages form fills and assigns ownership based on their set routing criteria. 

Marketing automation was also used to trigger automated email flows and prompt new clients to complete action items, resulting in a smoother onboarding process. 


Sales Hub

We advised Medavie Blue Cross to sign up for Sales Hub Enterprise. Their sales process involved multiple high-touch activities. By using Sales Hub, their sales team can now record and track calls for training and record-keeping purposes.  

Sequences bought back time for their sales team by automatically triggering email cadences, while also setting tasks and prompting call reminders. 

In combination with Operations Hub Professional, we set up integrations so that all call & email activities are communicated back to Salesforce, enabling the Medavie Blue Cross team to report on the effectiveness of outreaches. 


Integrations and Operations Hub

A series of integrations were used to connect HubSpot and Salesforce to enforce a single source of truth. We used two-way syncs to connect all marketing and sales data within HubSpot and Salesforce. 

Given that two systems needed to work in tandem, a series of integrations were set up so that the buyer journey was tracked and could power their team to make more data-driven decisions. 

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Client Enablement

Alongside setup, configuration, and defining new marketing strategies, we supported Medavie Blue Cross with resources to use HubSpot more effectively. Through a series of training sessions, access to our knowledge base, and ongoing support, sales and marketing teams are now aligned with each other. This has resulted in greater cohesion and has allowed them to make use of the full HubSpot toolset for greater ROI. 

As Medavie Blue Cross drives towards realising its market share potential, the marketing team is fully comfortable deploying campaigns, measuring ROI, and continuously improving their methods of outreach within HubSpot. 


HubSpot User Manual | Created by Six & Flow


The results showcased are attributed to the multi-platform implementation and alignment of sales and marketing activities. However, these results could not be achieved without the hard work, dedication, and eagerness to help from the Medavie Blue Cross team.

  • 14 reporting dashboarding created
  • 20 ad campaigns set live
  • 1059 leads generated 
  • 93 emails delivered to 100,686 recipients
  • 29 workflows created



Clear ROI Reporting

By introducing automation across the sales and marketing processes, alongside integrating their wider tech stack, Medavie Blue Cross now has a complete view of the buyer’s journey. They are able to better understand where leads are coming from, which of those are converting to customers and can measure the impact of their decisions. 

Now, the marketing and sales teams operate under a unified team where there is clear communication on how each team’s efforts contribute to the same goal of generating sales. 

Empowered Marketing and Sales teams

With the right technology, processes and training in place, Medavie Blue Cross’ marketing and sales teams are now fully aligned. They have the confidence and access to the right tools to implement more campaigns that generate higher-quality traffic that converts to leads, support clients and better retain existing customers.


What’s next?

Medavie Blue Cross approached us looking to implement HubSpot across multiple phases. The team has shared that having since completed phase one, there are new opportunities to complete additional initiatives that will continue to increase sales and member satisfaction.

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