4 ways to target the most relevant B2B prospects with account based marketing

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    John - 06.09.2017
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    Having Account Based Marketing (ABM) alongside your inbound marketing efforts is an incredible strategy for B2B businesses looking to better target CEOs, senior managers and key decision makers at big brands they’d love to work with.

    It’s possible to connect with companies that you have a serious desire to work with, both personally and professionally. Once you’ve identified who you want to target though, what’s the best way to reach out to these decision makers?


    Sharing your creative content

    A key component of ABM research is identifying the prospects you want to approach. The more you research their background, the more you can discover more about the problems they face and the mutually beneficial solutions you can offer them.

    Creative content represents the fruits of your labours. By getting a more rounded picture of the people you wish to target, and a more in-depth background of their professional lives, you can build high-focused creative content tailored to their needs. 

    Now you need to put this content into good use. Here, we share four outreach opportunities that are hugely important to the ABM process:

    4 ways to target the most relevant B2B prospects with account based marketing.png


    1. Targeting through LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is typically one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal when performing ABM. It’s the perfect tool for researching companies you’d love to work with, and identifying the people who work there.

    LinkedIn also allows advertisers to specifically target prospects through sponsored updates, personal InMail and other approaches through its LinkedIn Account Targeting service.


    2. Selling through social 

    Not every business professional is enamoured by LinkedIn. Though this platform is hugely important to an ABM campaign, it’s essential to have a wider social selling and targeting strategy as part of your inbound marketing efforts. 90% of all marketers claim that social media efforts have given their business more exposure, so there’s huge scope to find targeted prospects on various other social channels.


    3. Directing by IP address and location

    Time to get a bit more technical. Once you’ve done your research and have a clear idea of the decision makers you want to target, it’s possible to target the content you’re producing towards companies based on geographic location and their IP address range.

    The right tools can help to both implement this process, and also identify when those leads visit your site and reveal how they navigated it.


    4. Identifying job titles and functions

    In a similar vein, using specific tools designed for ABM campaigns, B2B companies can transparently and ethically target specific leads with certain job titles and company roles.

    As a result, you can invest marketing budget in reaching out to highly specific targets currently working at your dream client company.


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