A day in the life of a Growth Executive at Six & Flow

July 30, 2019
By Rose

What is a growth executive you ask? Here’s a roundup of the things you can expect to get up to daily at Six & Flow. 

A day in the life of a growth executive is never boring. There are always new projects to be getting stuck into. This could be something that is totally new to you or even totally new to the agency. If you work in the digital world you’ll know and understand how fast things change and move. For me, this is what makes it most exciting.

The type of things you can expect to be working on is creating weekly social plans. This is to promote the clients work across Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. Depending on the client, there can be different reasons why they want us to handle their social media profiles, it’s important for us to know what they want to achieve from social before we start working on it. They may just want to have a presence across their accounts, it could be to promote their content or it could be for brand awareness. One of the main things I like about working across different social accounts is that you never get bored as you could be handling between 4-8 accounts.

Conversational marketing is also a big service we offer at Six & Flow as we were Drift’s first UK partner. We have seen a huge rise in website traffic since having chatbots on our own website. As a growth executive, some of the tasks that you will be working on could be scripting and building the chatbots or responding to live chats. When I built my first bot I think it took me about double the time than it should have but once you get into the swing of how it works, it’s much easier. 

At Six & Flow we host at least 4 of our own events a year and we also run the Leeds HubSpot user group. As well as being a Drift partner we are also a Diamond HubSpot Partner. As a growth executive, you’ll be on the events team. This is to help promote the event, posting across social, creating videos and sending out emails but also you’ll help out on the day. Live social during the event, live video and assisting setting up the room with our branded banners etc. 

So that's it, that's a day in the life of me as a Growth Executive. If you’re looking for a role that challenges you, get in touch and see what roles we have out. We’re a team-first agency, there’s nobody quite like us. 

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