Conversational marketing & becoming a Drift partner agency

March 2, 2018
By Rich

This week, Six & Flow was named amongst the first global Drift partner agencies. That makes us the first (and currently only) partner agency based in the UK.

We jumped at the chance to be one of Drift’s partner agencies. Having worked with HubSpot as a partner agency for the past three years, we know the value of working with a fast-growing marketing SaaS team. We want this relationship to be intrinsic to the way we work. We want to help shape the conversational marketing landscape, learn about new products first (there's a great one coming out next week...) and generally act as a two-way stream between our customers and Drift. That's how we'll add value.



Six & Flow and conversational marketing

There is an awful lot we're proud of as an agency. We're proud of the way we work together as a team, and we're proud of the way we've grown as a business and as individuals over the past three years. Most of all though, we're proud of what we've been able to deliver for our clients.

Part of what makes us special as an agency (and yes, this is somewhat of a brag...) is the fact we're constantly looking at ways to make what we do better. We're constantly trying to find ways to both incrementally and astronomically improve performance. This also has the added bonus of keeping things exciting.

As a result, conversational marketing has become a core pillar in how we're helping clients grow in 2018. Coupled with inbound marketing and account-based marketing, we believe that this strategy has the potential to blow open the whole new world of customer acquisition. People want to talk, so brands should let them!

Conversational marketing on a one-to-one basis is incredibly powerful, but it's difficult to scale. By bringing in bots though, that scale becomes attainable.


We've been using Drift for a while. We use it for ourselves and we use it for our clients. In fact, it's become part of our "quick win" tech stack that we suggest to inbound marketing clients. Just like with some of the other tools in our armoury (HubSpot, Sigstr and Databox), we know Drift has a real and positive impact on the performance of campaigns.

The six key reasons we love Drift:

  1. Speed of implementation (literally, 30 seconds and you're live)
  2. Ease of user adoption (if you have the app and some thumbs, you're good to go)
  3. Integration with the other products in our core tech stack
  4. Automation is possible through playbooks (Bots)
  5. Continual innovation (Drift aims to release a feature per month)
  6. Customer service - the Drift team are awesome to work with
  7. Impact both for Six & Flow and our clients


 Want to see what we can do with Drift?




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