Creating a Sales Outreach Strategy with HubSpot Sequences

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Sarah - 20.12.2022
Creating a Sales Outreach Strategy with HubSpot Sequences

Creating a strategy and integrating a sequence can be incredibly powerful when it comes to automated outreach.

Sequences are an excellent feature of the HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub Pro. Utilising them helps you create personalised outreach that has the potential to yield greater customer interest. They should be a key element to your Sales enablement strategy.

Crafting an effective outreach strategy is crucial because it allows us to maximise coverage while ensuring our message gets across in the most impactful way possible.

So take some time today to outline your automated outreach strategy – it'll bring you one step closer to converting more leads into customers!

HubSpot Sequences

With the Sequences tool, you can stay on top of nurturing contacts. You'll be able to achieve a series of tasks:

  • Send out perfectly timed emails 
  • Tailor the email to your prospect's specific needs
  • Remind yourself to follow up. 
  • Add meeting links.
  • Automatically remove contacts from your sequence based on un-enrolment criteria. 

Sequences allow you to automate everything from cold outreach to engaging unresponsive leads and booking a demo with potential customers.

HubSpot sequences are an incredibly valuable feature for any business. They eliminate the need for repetitive low-value tasks - which no one wants to have on their plate - and free up your time for more important things that require your attention.


Pre-Built Sequences

When you're looking for a quick and easy way to make a good impression, HubSpot's pre-built templates are here to help. Whether you need to spark someone's interest with an event follow-up or encourage them to purchase your product with a helpful demo request, HubSpot has some pre-built sequences you can use.

HubSpot sequences - Pre Built Templates

Sales Outreach Best Practices

Whether you are working with automated or manual emails, make sure to capitalise on the HubSpot templates and give them a personal touch. Add some light customisations so that each contact feels you are directly communicating with them - add personal notes or email to your email copy.

To ensure you make a good impression, we recommend that your sequence includes activities other than email follow-ups. Think about reaching out through LinkedIn, too; sending connection requests or posting relevant comments on a post lets potential contacts know you're engaged and eager to connect. If there's someone whom you think could help you or offer valuable advice, why not shoot them a personalised message? After all, it can sometimes be more accessible to reach out to people using social media than through the usual channels. Investing in more than just emails will give your connections an even better idea of who you are, and they'll be more likely to work with you in the future.



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