Do you really need a CRM migration partner?

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Alice - 02.12.2019
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A CRM migration is a big move for any business, and the whole process can seem entirely overwhelming. After all, your CRM is the backbone of your customer relations, daily business activities and financial turnover.

But maybe it's time for a change. Perhaps your existing CRM platform is becoming increasingly clunky, prohibitively expensive or it just isn't fulfilling your needs any longer. Whether you've outgrown your current CRM or simply don't have one yet, you don't have to face this journey alone. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before teaming up with an expert CRM migration partner...

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Do you have established CRM processes?

Not everyone is a data expert, and that's OK. You'd be surprised how many businesses we come across that have all their customer data fragmented across a handful of spreadsheets

The good news - the right CRM platform can offer a whole new world of functionality compared to Google sheets. The not so good news -  this functionality requires an element of planning and structure.

CRM processes can resemble dominoes. If a single piece falls, the whole structure is at risk of collapse. That's why it's invaluable having a CRM migration strategy led by an experienced partner, which outlines every element of the process and develops a comprehensive plan to be implemented within an allotted timeframe.


Do you have experience in CRM set up?

It's one thing to use a CRM in your business, but it's very different setting up all the back-end operations. The CRM data migration is just one part of the puzzle - once all your contacts are in the new platform, you'll need to consider any processes you're used to running in the background.

In our experience, most CRM migrations inevitably involve data cleansing, list segmentation, email integrations, marketing automations, workflow planning... the list continues. While some of this can be highly technical and complex, some elements are simply fiddly and time-consuming. Luckily, a CRM partner can take all this on.


Do you have many different teams to tame?

Whether you're dealing with different departments making their own rules, or you've recently started a new role and adopted an existing CRM, it can be difficult to please everyone. That's why it can be helpful to have an external mediator, with an outside perspective and no ties to any one team. The right CRM partner can provide impartial views based on your business needs, and remain unaffected by office politics or personal preferences. 

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Do you have the time?

If this CRM migration is one of a number of projects you're currently working on, you may need to give yourself a reality check. This isn't a part time job, it's a full on project. If you're expected to complete other activities at the same time, it's worth considering getting a little help. 

Bear in mind how valuable your time is across all business activities - investing in a CRM migration service could potentially be the more economical option, rather than taking time away from your core business role.


Do you have experience using your new CRM platform?

If you're already an expert on your chosen CRM platform, you may feel confident setting it up on your own. However, if your business has decided to invest in a shiny new system that no-one has actually used before, it can pay to have some expert perspective.

For instance, you've probably noticed that HubSpot is kind of our thing. As a result, we tackle HubSpot CRM migrations like a hyper kitten attacking a Christmas tree (I also have experience in this, incidentally)

The right CRM migration partner will already have a good understanding of your chosen platform, a well-worn roll-out method and an experienced team to handle the setup processes, leaving you free to concentrate on supporting your team.


Do you need training on the new CRM?

Your CRM migration is just the beginning of your journey. Multiple departments may need training on the new platform or even ongoing support. Understanding and enthusiasm is essential to CRM adoption, and no platform will perform for your business unless people actually use it - so invest in laying the right foundations.


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