Every day is a school day at a HubSpot partner agency!

July 18, 2017

Joining a new industry can be a daunting experience. New things to learn, new people to meet and even worse… new systems to get used to. And nobody likes new systems. However, starting at a HubSpot partner agency really made an impression on me from day one.

Starting my new role at Six & Flow was different in many ways. The team was welcoming, friendly and keen to help with all my questions (and I have a lot).

From the first chat with Rich, he introduced me to what being a HubSpot partner really meant to Six & Flow as an inbound marketing agency. So much so, that I spoke to Steve, our HubSpot partner account manager, during the interview process. 

It was in this conversation that I first saw the support our team gets from HubSpot. I got through the dreaded roleplay hurdle with Steve, but I didn’t feel stressed. I had actually learnt something!


Training… the HubSpot partner agency way

Anyone that went to University with me will absolutely vouch for the fact I am not a ‘books’ learner, but more a doer (or last-minute crammer if my dissertation was anything to go by!) So, the idea of learning about HubSpot and then taking a test on what I had picked up made me slightly anxious, yet intrigued as to what I would learn.

I started my first Inbound Marketing certification before I joined the team – sat in the garden, prosecco in hand (ideal I know). In my opinion, HubSpot have hit the nail on the head with their training videos. Yes, they are very American, but that makes them that bit more engaging!

I finished the training for my first certification the day before I started Six & Flow, so was adamant about passing in time for my first day in the office. That 30 seconds when you wait for your score to come back (75% or above is a pass) felt like ages but I did it, I passed.

Every day is a school day at a HubSpot partner agency

HubSpot is one big (and very orange) hug of support

We are currently an Elite tier HubSpot partner agency, based on the number of clients that use the platform and the amount of work we do with them using the software. This is great, and the support you get is amazing, but this is just the beginning for Six & Flow. We are growing daily and swiftly moving towards being a Platinum partner. 

It’s exciting to be a part of something growing, and it’s clear that the team is ready to take on the inbound world. Everyone at Six & Flow has a passion for inbound marketing and delivering the best results for all of our clients.

So, in a nutshell, here are the top things I have learnt in joining a HubSpot partner agency:

  • You will never stop learning
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Everyone wants to help each other
  • There is plenty of support and training
  • It is the best career decision I have made (I’ll take my bribe later)

While the training is top notch, the actual HubSpot platform and support system really trumps the certifications.  I can’t believe I have learnt so much in such a short space of time, and I’m so excited to see what is around the corner being part of a HubSpot partner agency.

Oh, and I’m taking my third HubSpot certification test tomorrow – wish me luck!


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