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Sarah W - 14.06.2020
HubSpot CMS Hub helps you build your website as you grow and scale your business


HubSpot has had a pretty effective CMS for a while now.

It began life as a simple blogging platform designed to support HubSpot’s philosophy of using content marketing as part of an inbound marketing and sales methodology.

Later, it evolved into the HubSpot COS (Content Optimisation System) with the added functionality to build landing pages and web pages to host your content.

Eventually, thankfully, it ditched the pretty confusing moniker of being a COS, and became the HubSpot CMS.

This CMS added a tonne of new functionality, enabling marketers to easily do their jobs of producing and promoting content and tracking performance, while making life much easier for developers at the same time.

But, while it did help you build a great website, it was still widely regarded as a tool for businesses on the smaller to medium side of the scale.



HubSpot CMS for Enterprise

Now, with the introduction of HubSpot CMS Hub, it has become a true Enterprise level platform with more advanced features like HubDB and serverless functions added on to the existing suite of features which integrate with your CRM, like personalised smart content, and integrated meeting links.

For marketers with no coding experience, you can now change the looks, feel, style and layout of the website, without getting involved in the coding.

For developers, CMS Hub finally introduces the ability to build web applications on top of CMS Hub, which means you can create a better user experience without the need to more complicated development work.

What these changes mean, is that if your business is still scaling - and no matter where you are in that process - you can still get the benefits of all the security, speed and compliance of an Enterprise level CMS, just without the massive costs.


HubSpot CMS is built to scale with you

Like the other Hubs HubSpot has developed (Marketing, Sales and Service) it has kept true to its roots with the CMS Hub and developed a system that can scale with your business (so you only pay for the level of complexity you need), whilst taking a lot of the technical stress off your hands.

If you don’t believe us, just look at the range of companies that use HubSpot (a fair few are clients of ours) and they range from small, scaling start-ups to multinational corporations.

We recently spoke to HubSpot’s CMS Hub expert Luke Summerfield about the release of CMS Hub and what it means for the future of developing websites on HubSpot.

You can read the full interview with Luke here.


HubSpot CMS introduces governance and control at scale

But one of the things he talked about was the introduction into the platform of the tools companies need for governance and control at scale.

The new features will enable IT teams, security teams and operations teams to build structure and governance in a site as the business increases the number of people working on it.

We've written more detail about how CMS Hub helps you build security and compliance into your website in this blog.

CMS Hub works great for both marketers and developers.

If you look at the traditional CMS, it gets to the point that even the most basic change needs a developer on hand.

If you’re trying to scale, this isn’t a good process for your company because it takes time away from teams who could be using their time better elsewhere.


HubSpot CMS works for marketers and developers alike

Tools like the drag-and-drop editor in the Professional tier of CMS Hub are ideal for marketers to quickly make changes to websites without the need to wait for coding help from developers.

As the name suggests, using the editor, you simply create templates and drag them into place.

Moving into the Enterprise tier, users can build ‘membership websites’ by taking customer data from your CRM and using it to create personalised, tailored content across your website.

Another great thing about CMS Hub if you're already using HubSpot - or are thinking about it - is that the new features remove many of the restrictions you used to have when it came to custom apps.

HubSpot’s CMS Hub has been built from the ground-up to scale as your company does, taking you from the small to mid-range upstart looking to scale and grow quickly, right up to the large enterprise, looking for a more complex and dynamic website experience, just without the usual technical complications and compliance headaches.


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