Inbound 2022: How to use HubSpot's Marketing Campaigns tool

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Nisha - 26.09.2022
How to use HubSpot's marketing campaigns tool

In my opinion, the HubSpot Marketing Campaigns tool is one of the best and underrated tools a marketer can use within the CRM platform. When creating holistic, strategic marketing campaigns there are a lot of moving parts. 

Whether running a new High-Value-Content campaign or your monthly webinar series, the Marketing Campaigns tool can be leveraged to help you create structured campaigns that cover the many stages of the very complex customer journey. 

What’s more is that at this year’s Inbound Event, hosted by HubSpot, Stephanie Cuthbertson (HubSpot’s Chief Product Officer) released some very cool new elements to the tool. 

Read on to discover what’s new and how to get the most out of the tool.

What does the HubSpot Campaign tool do?

Back to the basics

In a nutshell, the Marketing Campaigns Tool in a single view allows you to attach all assets relating to a campaign; that’s inclusive of landing pages, blog posts, call-to-actions, social posts and emails.

The reason why I love this tool is because it makes reporting super easy. One of our biggest pain points as marketers is struggling to find time and resources to report on campaigns. All that effort goes down the drain if you can’t see the results, right? The Marketing Campaigns tool, at a glance, shows you exactly what’s performing and what needs to be improved.



What's new with the HubSpot Marketing Campaigns Tool?

Inbound 2022 - Spotlight Session

This year I had the pleasure of going to Inbound in person and the very first talk I attended was HubSpot’s Spotlight Session, with speakers Yamini Rangan and Dharmesh Shah and of course, HubSpot’s Chief Product Officer Stephanie Cuthbertson. 

You can checkout the full product release announcements here.

New features added to the  Campaigns Tool

  • Calendar view: see all marketing campaign assets in a monthly view, filtered by Campaign Name and Event Type
  • Start from template: find pre-built templates to create campaigns to generate leads or promote an online event
  • Set tasks: Assign tasks to owners and set due dates
  • Compare marketing campaigns side-by-side

How to use Marketing Campaigns

As a B2B marketer, any tool that makes my life easier I’m here for. So, I thought I would share with you how I will be using the  Marketing Campaign’s tool to create beautiful end-to-end campaigns.

The new marketing campaign updates make for a much easier way to stay on track of the to-do list when pulling together a campaign for clients.

With a simple drag-and-drop feature, you can customize campaigns to your needs.

Customise the Campaigns Tool

What’s new with Reporting?

One of my biggest struggles as a marketer is reporting. So when Stephanie announced how campaigns are evolving I actually said out loud, ‘how cool is that going to be!’ while sitting in the Spotlight Session.

Report on HubSpot Campaigns

Reporting to CEOs is going to look a whole lot easier with this view!

2022 Marketing Campaigns Ideas

So I’m back from Inbound bursting with marketing campaign ideas I want to trial and iterate for some our long-standing clients at Six and Flow.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how to use the tool:

Learn more about the capabilities within the HubSpot CRM Software👇

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