HubSpot 2021 Review: Features You Need To Know

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Sarah - 06.01.2022
HubSpot Features You Need To Know

With multiple CRM tools out there, we understand how difficult it can be to choose one. Well, we're biased and we choose you, HubSpot. But, don’t worry, the decision does not come without a lot of thinking on our part. 

A great CRM should provide your marketing, sales, ops, data, and revenue teams with alignment. You need a holistic perspective of your entire business. And most of all, the CRM you choose should make your lives easier by saving you time and improving efficiency. 

Reflecting back on 2021, HubSpot continued to raise the bar. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable feature releases in 2021 - ones that make your life easier by saving you time and improving efficiency.

If you need help implementing any of these features we mention in this post, let us know. We’d like to consider ourselves HubSpot experts. After all, we are a HubSpot Elite Partner 🎉


Scheduled workflows in HubSpot

Here at Six & Flow, we are raving about scheduled workflows. Let’s just say, it’s a game-changer. 

Rather than using real-time automation, how about scheduling your automation in advance. Now, workflows can be triggered on a recurring basis.

So, what does this mean for your organization? Let’s check out a few scenarios.

Use Case #1 - Have a recurring newsletter? Why not automate a personalized newsletter that can be sent to recipients based upon a host of attributes that you can choose.

Use Case #2 - Having data is important. But, having clean data is even more important. Remember that database clean you were supposed to complete last month? Take it off your to-do list. Now, you can automate data quality by running recurring data cleanups.

Use Case #3 - Transfer HubSpot data to data lakes on a daily basis. Previously, there were APIs to help achieve this goal. Now, you can do this without the help of your developers.

In short, we love scheduled workflows that provide a frictionless experience from start to finish. The scheduled workflows are available in the Operations Hub Pro. 

You can learn more about scheduled workflows here.



HubDB, or HubSpot Database lets you create dynamic content based on a specific dataset within HubSpot. HubDB has been around for a while, so what’s new in 2021? How does it benefit both marketers and developers? 

Developers love HubDB. HubDB looks similar to a spreadsheet but is much, much more powerful. With HubDB, developers can make changes to fields and have those changes be updated site-wide. 

In 2021, Marketers grew to love HubDB as well. Why? Well, a new HubDB row field was introduced as a feature.

The HubDB table field works great for developers who want to reference an entire HubDB table on their page. But, part of the magic of HubSpot lies in the collaborative opportunities for all your go-to-market teams. 

Prior to the new row field, isolating specific rows of a table could get extremely cumbersome. Now, marketers can explore multiple use cases by selecting the exact row they want to display. 

Again, if you're a marketer, you are going to love this feature. Let's explore some of the ways you may now use HubDB. 

Use Case #1 - Create Dynamic, CMS pages that get their content from a structured data source, such as HubDB or CRM objects. Based on the data inputted in your HubDB, Hubspot will use that information to automatically populate website pages with their own unique, SEO-friendly URL, and offer page-specific analytics. 

Use Case #2 - Pricing tables are not typically static. As your business grows and continues to innovate, it’s likely the robust feature set you offer will grow and your prices may shift. With HubDB, you can easily update pricing tables and ensure that formatting and responsiveness are upheld. 

Want to start using the HubDB? Learn more here.


Email reports 

The power of Hubspot lies in its ability to drive collaboration and alignment between teams. While this feature may seem small, it makes building a transparent workforce that much easier. 

Send reports or dashboards via email or slack. For email notifications, you can schedule these workflows to be sent on a recurring basis. 

You can learn more about email reporting in Hubspot here.


Troubleshoot by logging in as other users

Do you dislike troubleshooting? How about when it takes much longer than it should? Well, HubSpot can help. 

At the admin account level, you can now log in as other users in your organization. This means that you can easily orientate non-technical users, ensure that accounts are set up correctly,  and offers more efficient management of a multi-user team.

Need to troubleshoot? Learn more here.

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