Scalability Strategies: Exploring VoIP Solutions

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Sarah - 23.12.2022
Scalability Strategies: Exploring Cloud-Based Phone Solutions

When running a business, reliability and efficiency are of paramount importance. A cloud-based telephone system is integral to your go-to-market tech stack, especially when looking to take that next growth step. It can help ensure that internal and external communication is swift and reliable.

Why we suggest Aircall

Cloud-Based Telephony for Scaling Organisations

As your customer-facing team grows, it is essential to pay close attention to the scalability of your current phone solution.

You need to ensure that your phone system can support additional users, large-scale international calls and offers the tools to boost efficiency.

Identifying this need and sourcing a reliable, scalable cloud-based telephony provider is essential for the continued success of your customer service and sales strategy. This can go a long way to ensuring the satisfaction of customers and the ongoing growth of your business.


Identifying the need for integrated telephony

A key part of any scaling business is ensuring that all data is trackable, including managing customer calls. It means adopting a telephony system that integrates seamlessly into your CRM.

Businesses can quickly lose out on valuable customer data and potential sales opportunities without an integrated telephony system. This can impact your team's productivity and cross-functional alignment.

Lacking an integrated cloud-based telephony solution makes manually logging call notes after each call both a tedious and time-consuming process for agents, who, on average, have numerous conversations throughout the day, which can result in data loss if not tracked properly.

A Telephony - CRM Integration has countless benefits, such as enhancing customer service operations, understanding customer needs and improving organizational efficiency.


HubSpot & Telephony integrations

A CRM and Telephony integration helps you track customer interactions and capture vital data at every customer journey stage.

Automating call logging and tracking helps businesses quickly access customer information for improved service delivery. This integration enables business owners to get a holistic view of the customer journey, allowing them to target more effectively, increase customer satisfaction and uncover additional growth opportunities.

Why HubSpot?

HubSpot should be at the top of your list if you want to maximise your potential with CRM technology.

Not only is HubSpot designed to help businesses consolidate and streamline their customer relationship management processes, but it can also support multiple integrated telephony platforms. This means businesses get the best of both worlds; easy access and control over their sales, marketing and customer data and a streamlined call process.

Telephony integrations with HubSpot provide a wealth of benefits, such as allowing customers to quickly contact any associated department, automated communications and optimized task management for improved call efficiency.

Integrating Telephony with HubSpot helps businesses optimise their operations by having a complete view of customer relationships.


Aircall is a Six & Flow partner. If you're looking to supercharge your services or sales teams and allow them to manage calls from any corner of the globe, Aircall and HubSpot are your solutions. As part of HubSpot's App Marketplace--an ever-expanding system that caters to customers' and partners' needs--Aircall provides an added layer of efficiency for all sorts of sales operations by combining its power with HubSpot's technology.

Learn more about Aircall's Features in this blog post.

Telephony & Automation

When combined with automation, a cloud-based telephony platform allows for a significant increase in speed, consistent delivery, and advanced analytics.

Improve internal collaboration

If you want to improve internal collaboration, a telephony platform that integrates with HubSpot's automation capabilities allows for streamlined, faster, and more effective intra-team communication that drastically improves usable information exchange.

Sales Lead Allocation Example

In this example, let's explore some of Aircall's features. The platform integrates with HubSpot and allows for the automation of lead assignments. By tagging calls according to if they are an SQL, or by industry, company size and more, you can automate the process of assigning sales leads from the Business Development Representative (BDRs) to the correct Account Executive.

Explore 5 other HubSpot Aircall Workflow Examples your sales team can use today.

Service Ticket Allocation Example

To delight customer experiences, your business should look for ways to create a seamless process for handing over tickets from your Support teams to your Account Managers. Your telephony platform should integrate with HubSpot's automation to ensure tickets swiftly move across ticket pipelines and be allocated to the right account manager.

Elevate your omnichannel sales & service experience

The most successful sales and service strategies leverage different methods of customer outreach and engagement. Telephony plays a vital role in these strategies, and that’s where HubSpot automation can help elevate the game.

With a telephony integration, sales teams can set up well-timed automated sequences through multiple channels - such as SMS, phone calls, emails, and direct mail - to reach fresh prospects faster and more efficiently.

Go the extra mile by personalising each conversation. Again, let's look at Aircall as an example. Aircall's insight cards pull data from other apps so that your team is presented with the correct information during each inbound call.

Respond to leads and customers faster

By integrating your telephony platform with HubSpot, you can leverage automation to improve your time-to-respond KPIs without having your reps manually follow up after each phone call.

Automation takes the burden of labour off them, freeing them up so they can focus on other areas of customer service where a human touch is needed. Not only will this help improve response times, but any communication sent out through automation can also be tailored and personalised using dynamic content that's been deeply integrated into your telephony system – creating an even better experience for the customer.

It's time to find out, Why use Aircall?

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