Why use Aircall

Aircall is a cloud-based phone system for sales, operations, and support. Capture a single view of the customer and enable your CRM to record the context of customer interactions.

Aircall’s intuitive interface and robust features offer stable foundations and simplify digital transformation. 

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Centralising your data within HubSpot

The Aircall integration enables your CRM to capture a single view of the customer, helping your go-to-market teams build trust with leads and customers. 

When an inbound or outbound call is received, the representative that answers the phone will be presented with the customer’s information and a link to the contact record within HubSpot.  

All call logs are automatically synchronised and capture information on leads, accounts, transactions, call data, recordings, comments, etc. 

HubSpot aircall Integration
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Aircall + Sales Hub

How does Aircall integrate with Sales Hub

Offer your sales team a complete view of the customer’s buyer's journey. Customer data is automatically logged within HubSpot for sales reps to review post-call. The integration also empowers your sales team to access contact and deal records during phone calls, ensuring they have access to all the relevant information. 


Aircall + Service Hub

How does Aircall integrate with Service Hub

Ensure no query goes missing. By connecting Aircall to your Service Hub, HubSpot will automatically create support tickets and log calls. This way, you can be sure that every single customer issue is being tracked and resolved. You’ll be able to solve support queries more efficiently and offer exceptional customer experiences. 


What can the Hubspot - Aircall integration do for you

Align your go-to-market teams

How does Aircall benefit sales and service

Give your sales reps and support agents instant access to a single view of each visitor and customer. Power your team with contextually relevant information on the contact and a link to their record before answering inbound calls. All call logs are automatically synchronised and capture information on leads, accounts, transactions, call data, recordings, comments, etc. 

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Capture the latest sales and support trends

How does Aircall integrate with HubSpot reporting

Aircall offers built-in analytics programs that enable businesses to capture custom reports. Within HubSpot, create advanced native reports that enable your team to analyse the complete customer journey and improve performance.

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Personalised marketing

How does Aircall impact marketing efforts

Using HubSpot's caller data, you can create more contextually relevant and personalised marketing campaigns. This is achieved by enriching caller data and using workflows to enrol contacts in highly personalised marketing campaigns. Marketing teams can also use the integration to listen to calls to identify challenges and prioritise that resonate with your target audience. 

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Increase outbound calling efforts

How does Aircall help improve sales performance

Using Aircall, your sales team can make up to 4x more calls. Reference a list you create in HubSpot, you can feed that information back to Aircall, enabling your sales team to connect with more prospects. 

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Six & Flow approach to intergrations

Why Six & Flow

HubSpot is a powerful tool, but its true potential can only be realized when it is properly integrated with the other systems that your business uses.

Our integration experts work with you to identify the necessary integrations and build an ecosystem that meets your business needs.

We approach every project with a holistic perspective, and our goal is always to streamline your workflows and improve your bottom line. 


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