Inbound to the Rescue: Solving the pain points of Recruitment Agencies

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Sophie - 10.05.2022
recruitment agency pain points during the recruitment process

During the process of finding a candidate to fill a position, it's guaranteed that you've heard candidates respond, "The role doesn't apply" or "I'm not interested".

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to improve the quality of your pipeline and match candidates with companies faster and more effectively? Well, a good place to start is HubSpot for recruitment agencies.

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CRM & ATS Integration Case Study

It’s a well-known fact that many recruitment agencies often run into problems with candidates, and can end up having the same tired conversations (or arguments) again and again with different candidates.

As a recruitment agency, here are the common responses, you've likely heard from candidates when you use outbound. We'll also show you how inbound marketing for recruitment agencies can help to prevent these issues:

"I'm not interested."

The first response is a common one. It's frustrating because you've spent time researching the candidate and think they would be perfect for the role.

Inbound marketing can help with this by ensuring that your agency is only targeting individuals who are already interested in what you do. You are less likely to target a lead who is a dead end. Through inbound marketing for recruitment, the leads you reach, and those who contact you, will either already be looking for a new position, or open to the right roles being passed onto them.

It prevents you from spending time reaching out to those who aren’t interested and allows you to spend time nurturing relevant candidates.



"The role doesn't apply."

This second response might mean that the candidate isn't qualified, or it could be another case of mismatched expectations.

This problem can be fixed by inbound lead generation as it collects information about the leads, which can then segment them into different lists. Inbound can help by making sure that your agency is only reaching out to candidates who have the skills and qualifications that match the role.

“You don’t even know my name”

Ah, the feeling of anonymity or being just another number to the agency.

This can be prevented by ensuring that your recruitment process is personal and tailored to each individual. With inbound marketing for recruitment agencies, you will always have information on the leads that come through, as they will volunteer their contact details to you.

“I’m not a fan of recruitment agencies”

Unfortunately, recruitment agencies have had negative connotations surrounding their industry for a while, and a few people have begun to boycott them.

However, with inbound marketing, you won’t be acting like the pushy recruiter the industry is known for, but by nurturing any potential candidates with soft, relevant content that will be helpful, you may begin to change their mindset – and only have those who are willing to work with you contact you.

“Who are you?”

Most recruiters approach candidates with roles they think would be a good fit for them, and for their clients. But, if the candidate doesn't know why you have their contact information, or who you are, it's pretty likely you'll receive the response "who are you" - if they even reply at all.

With inbound, you already have their contact information - which they voluntarily gave you might I add. So, you can introduce yourself in a non-intrusive way by providing helpful content that is specific to their needs. You might even want to personalize the content for an extra touch.

By focusing on providing helpful content to candidates, building trust and credibility, and automating repetitive tasks - inbound can help recruitment agencies not only attract higher-quality candidates but also increase efficiency and productivity.

Create a high-quality candidate pipelines

Inbound marketing for recruitment.

Recruitment is a hugely personal sector that relies on creative relationship building, effective lead management and a healthy dose of multi-tasking. You need to be timely, relevant, and helpful. 

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