Inbound marketing for recruitment can make reminders redundant

February 15, 2017
By Alice

As we’ve mentioned before, the world of marketing for recruitment is changing. Candidates are becoming less responsive to the pushy attitude that the industry is well-known for, and expect to be more nurtured during their journey. That’s why we think inbound marketing for recruitment is the perfect way to agencies to impress.


How does inbound marketing for recruitment work?

There are many ways in which the inbound marketing approach can have a better impact than the traditional tactics used by recruiters.

Inbound is all about nurturing, making leads aware of what they may be missing out on, and showing them how you can help them out. In the recruitment industry, this means helping candidates to secure the next step in their career, and aiding clients in filling job vacancies. 

In recruitment, managing communications with candidates can be a time consuming task, and one that often gets pushed to the back of a recruiter’s mind. The industry is fast-paced, with new developments happening all the time. As a result, it can be difficult to spend time on the phone to right candidates at the right time.

That’s where inbound marketing for recruitment comes in.


Utilise marketing automation for recruitment

In recruitment, you know that once someone has shown interest in a job, they are more likely be willing to hear about other opportunities you may have.

Consistent and timely communication with candidates can give several messages. First, it shows that you value them as a customer – something isn’t always the case in recruitment.

Secondly, it keeps your agency in the forefront of their mind while they may not be actively searching for a new role. By emailing passive candidates who you may otherwise let slip your mind, you can update them on new roles that come in and increase your chances of filling the role should it catch someone’s eye.

HubSpot allows users to set up workflows that send out automated emails to contact lists. This then means you can send out regular content that you know leads will find useful.

For instance, you could use a simple contact form on your website that allows leads to identify the sector they work in. You could then set up an automated monthly round-up email of all the teaching roles you’re looking to fill, to be sent out to all contacts who work in the education sector.


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Lead nurturing can improve recruitment efforts

Inbound marketing for recruitment can also go beyond communications with passive candidates. What about improving your approach to active job seekers?

Candidates could be entered into bespoke workflows which share details of the job role they are applying for and send reminders leading up to the interview. These emails could include helpful blog posts on writing a great CV, answering interview questions or even dressing for success!

You could even send follow up emails after their interview, so that even if you’re busy or out of the office, they feel cared for.

HubSpot enables all this to be done automatically. Create emails that send the right information to the right people, set them to be sent at the right time, and know that candidates are well looked after and properly informed.


It’s not a race - the importance of inbound marketing in recruitment

Communication shouldn’t stop just because a candidate may have paused their job search. Whilst the amount of emails sent should decrease, it will still be beneficial to contact them on the odd occasion.

These emails don’t have to be job focused. They can contain helpful information specific to the sector they work in, such as blog posts and industry news.

Whilst this information won’t help you place them straight away, it will help to maintain their relationship with your business. It will also keep you fresh in their minds so that when they do look to take the next step in their career, you are more likely to be considered.

HubSpot allows you to do all of this easily, showing that inbound marketing for recruitment agencies is the way forward! Interested in finding out more about HubSpot and how it can help your business? Then feel free to have a chat with us – we’re a diamond HubSpot partner agency.


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