Getting personal with inbound marketing for recruitment agencies

June 13, 2017

Inbound marketing for recruitment can be tough to perfect. Not just for recruitment agencies, but everybody on the recruitment spectrum. It’s a hugely personal sector that relies on creative relationship building and effective lead management. That doesn’t just go for agents but for those looking to be recruited, people desperate to make their next move, people looking to hire and everybody in between. 


We’ve been in that position ourselves as an inbound marketing agency. We’re growing at a consistent rate and are incredibly proud of our team ethic. We’re only getting to the places we want to be because we’re hiring talented people that we know believe in the agency, its goals and fit alongside our agency’s four core values.

Anyone who’s ever hired staff knows what a headache finding the right people can be and the steps involved to find people who don’t just fit into the business and its philosophy, but who they want to retain in the long-term.

The recruitment process itself too can also be an enormously time-consuming one. How do you find the most incredible people as soon as possible that match your business, are willing to stay, are talented, can grow with you and can slot into work straight away?


Inbound can improve the quality of your prospects

We’re firm in the belief (and we know from our own experiences) that inbound marketing for recruitment is not just a great way for businesses to attract the cream of the crop on a personal and professional level.

Inbound marketing for recruitment when done in the right way can also be a hugely beneficial, cost-effective and time-saving process for recruitment agencies who need to target the right prospects for the brands they want to supply fresh talent to. One of the largest gripes that businesses have is the feeling that recruitment agencies are a waste of time; that they struggle to really understand the company and waste crucial time by introducing them to people who simply aren’t up to the job.


Getting personal with inbound marketing for recruitment agencies


So how can inbound marketing for recruitment help? From our experiences too, we’re convinced that a lot of the negativity surrounding the recruitment industry comes from firms who still rely on cold calling and other disruptive ways of getting the attention of potential clients. We’re Manchester-based, for instance. Why are we getting calls and emails then from recruiters asking us if we have any vacancies to fill for a junior SEO role in Bristol?

It’s not just the interruptions that stick in the mind. It’s the wasted time and the fact an agent’s done zero research, in all likelihood to fulfil a target. It’s a vicious circle; the recruitment agent comes across as unprofessional, the agency and its needs don’t get taken into account and – worst of all – a potential candidate isn’t being given the best support possible to advance their career. 


How inbound can help you attract amazing talent

We believe the solution is to completely ditch the outbound model and move to an inclusive inbound marketing for recruitment philosophy that attracts leads naturally, especially if you’re an agency looking to grow. Inbound marketing can be a crucial way to naturally and transparently attract the most qualified candidates as well as build strong relationships with potential brands you can introduce those prospects to.

As we’ve mentioned, inbound marketing for recruitment is an incredibly personal thing. It’s also an emotional one, too; if you build a strong, creative and bespoke inbound marketing strategy that focuses on building relationships and keeping them through a variety of channels such as social, email and with the right content then that can help to attract high-quality leads in totally natural ways.


Getting personal with inbound marketing for recruitment agencies


Our tool of choice is market-leading inbound platform HubSpot, with its CRM able to better manage the recruitment process and set up automated workflows to target the right candidates at the right times. Its automation abilities also help to send information to candidates and partners at set times to keep them updated about your agency’s movements, the types of roles and quality of prospects available, keeping recruitment agents you at the forefront of people’s minds.


Nurturing candidates who are the right fit

From personal experience, it’s hard to deny that the inbound method does take away a lot of the frustrations of the recruitment process. What if you’re a recruitment agency trying to change the way brands perceive you by focusing on capturing the absolute best candidates in a particular field? Ones that are a definite fee for your agency, but who you also feel you can match with totally unique opportunities that expand their professional horizons?

Lead nurturing is one of the best ways to turn the heads of potential-but-passive prospects when inbound marketing for recruitment. If you’re a specialist agency looking at candidates in certain fields then you have to research them in an incredibly deep manner to target them on the right channels. Creating personas and digging deep into your market, where it spends its time online, its likes, dislikes, ambitions, goals and more are all essential to getting to know them and engaging with them in the long-term.


Getting personal with inbound marketing for recruitment agencies


Combined with a creative campaign bespoke to your agency which includes aspects of content marketing, paid social targeting, marketing automation and other channels can help turn those passive candidates and businesses into brand advocates who want to work with you in the long-term.

Organically, a natural inbound marketing campaign can take time to take hold. Putting some budget behind biddable media channels such as paid search and paid social not only gives you access to phenomenally deep targeting tools and potential prospect information, but can help you attract those prospects quicker, allowing you to get your creative message in front of their eyes almost immediately to begin the nurturing process.

It’s not a race though, don’t forget. Creative communication and nurturing potential leads in the right way is a highly-effective method of attracting new prospects to your agency, as well as building solid relationships with businesses you can introduce only the best prospects to. 


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