How to start using video for sales, marketing & service

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Alice - 19.07.2020
How to start using video for sales, marketing, customer comms and more

We all love consuming video content, so producing your own is a no-brainer really.

However, you may be wondering what strategy will bring out the film star quality in your team. If you have big dreams of using video for sales, marketing, customer services and other business activities, but don't know where to start, this is the blog post for you.

You may have noticed us banging on about utilising video for sales before.

For instance, we recently wrote about when you should look to use video in the sales cycle and this one about what kind of videos you should create.

The fact is, video has been used for a while now but it's become much more widely used lately with people realising it's useful for creating a personal touch to marketing, sales and service (even internal comms) when we're all working away from each other.

But, now for the more important question.

How on earth do you get started with video.

Yes, we've all got used to using video and seeing ourselves on camera during those marathon Zoom calls and webinars.

But the fact remains that getting in front of a camera can be daunting and intimidating if you're new to it.

So, here are some tips from a self-confessed video-loving agency...


Don't be shy

For 98.7% of the general population, watching yourself on video will initially be awkward, embarrassing and make you question what you actually sound like to other people. You'll soon get over it, we promise.

Whether you're using video for sales, marketing or other business activities, content is king. With the right messaging in place, the viewer should be focused on your core offering, not the background activity in your office, or the fact that your tie clashes with your shirt.

Start with a clear and engaging offer in mind, and you can't go too far wrong. 


Little and often

In certain cases, it's great to have a film crew come into the office, set up flattering lights and film a professional-quality video. Think testimonial videos with key clients, or product launches for your website and social media.

However, many other cases simple call for a laptop built-in webcam and a calm office as a backdrop. In fact, we often find that personalised sales videos work better when they're cheap and cheerful. They come across as more friendly and less - well, less salesy!

Bearing this in mind, try using video for sales, marketing and other customer communications as part of your everyday activities. Don't keep the camera for special occasions only!

Concerned someone from sales might send an outreach message from Wetherspoons? Probably best to set some boundaries from the off. Agree what is expected of video content within your business to ensure that team members feel comfortable in producing it. 


Prepare to fail

It's fair to say the Six & Flow team appear cool, calm and collected when it comes to creating, starring in and sharing video content - but there's more to it than meets the eye.

In fact, our blooper reel is continually growing. We regularly mess up our lines, get tongue-tied, sneeze mid-sentence and get interrupted by the office doorbell. That's life!

Have a little patience, give yourself a few takes to get it right and be kind to yourself. Remember, you don't need every video to be Oscar-worthy - in fact, a few minor flaws can help to humanise your message and connect with your audience.


Get everyone involved

Don't save all the video content creation for your CEO - and on the other side of the coin, don't leave a social media intern to steer the entire initiative. Video content can benefit every department, across every level of seniority.

By using video for sales, marketing and customer services can connect with your audience on an individual basis and provide a fly-on-the-wall experience within your business. Brand building opportunities don't get much better than that!

Let leads and customers learn a little more about you, and they're much more likely to share in return. This social behaviour is known as the law of reciprocity.


Make opportunities

We'll admit that creating video content doesn't always come naturally. As a result, you may find that teams benefit from helpful prompts on where, when and how to utilise this format.

By identifying certain activities as key opportunities for video content, you can give team members permission to try the new approach out. Encourage them to dip their toes in a structured way, and they'll soon feel confident enough to utilise it independently.


A little help from your friends

If you're still struggling to get your team using video for sales, marketing and more, we can help. Six & Flow has provided video training for various clients across different sectors, tailoring our offering to match their needs. We walk through the content creation process from start to finish, and share best practice tips to ensure you see the best possible results.

Interested? Book in an introductory call at a time that suits you, and we can chat more.

Or, if you're not ready to speak to us yet, download our guide to using video in the sales process for more advice on getting started with video.

Using video In the sales process

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