How to Use
Video for Sales

Video should no longer be a part of your sales strategy - it should be the core. 

We get asked a lot about the biggest benefits of video for sales. Plenty of people still see this medium as a marketing gimmick, but there's much more to it.

Warmth, empathy and trust forms the foundation of every great sales campaign, and video content can create these strong connections in ways other content just can’t.

The Biggest Benefits of Video as a Sales Tool

Video is an incredibly powerful form of online content as it can trigger a deep emotive response. Unlike any other medium, video allows salespeople to use tone of voice, facial expressions and other empathetic strategies to their advantage, while communicating effortlessly with prospects all around the world.

You just can’t achieve that reach with face to face meetings, and it's impossible to form such intimate human connections through blog posts or infographics. Using video as a sales tool therefore makes it possible to scale activities while providing a great level of service. 

Even better, you can introduce video in sales campaigns whatever the stage or contact point. From sending personalised pitch videos to sharing helpful educational content, the opportunities are pretty much endless.



Taking Inbound to the Next Level

On its own, inbound marketing can take time to work. We use video and other strategies to complement the process, getting in front of the right audience at the right time.


Persona Driven Strategy

We work closely with our clients to pinpoint exactly who their target personas are, what they are looking for and how we can deliver video content that resonates with them.


We Try Out All The Video Tools

HubSpot offers several integrations so that your team can use video in sales from day one. From Animoto to Vidyard, Six & Flow has experience managing these tools.


Train to use video as a sales tool

We believe in video content, in fact it often forms a core part of our campaign strategy.  Learn how to use video in sales as part of a comprehensive growth strategy.


Test & Test Again

Six & Flow don't just offer advice - we practise what we preach. Our team uses video for sales, marketing and customer service, providing first hand experience.

Award Winning Inbound Marketing Agency

Impact Award Winning

We're an award winning agency, not just based on our ability to write an award entry... but on real client impact, globally.



Understanding the Impact of Video in Sales

Are your sales figures looking a bit dull? Do you want to make a change to your processes and grab some more attention from valuable prospects?

Try this simple exercise to gain some sales perspective. Ask yourself, how well does my current go-to channel fit these criteria?

  • It maximises the amount of emotion I can convey
  • My audience prefers it over all others
  • It’s fully cross-channel
  • It gives detailed feedback on how recipients interact with it
  • It’s the highest ROI I can get
  • It’s dead simple


Let’s face it, traditional mediums just don't cut it. And that’s a good thing, these mediums are all being saturated more and more.

Click through rates (CTRs) for display ads have hit at an all-time low, at 0.05% — that’s just one in 2,000 people. And according to a lot of the big media buyers, it’s possible that bots account for up to three-quarters of those clicks.

Social media is suffering too. Following recent Facebook updates, the big four social platforms are almost exclusively pay-to-play and pretty pricey. While email marketing reliably reaches half of the world’s population, it is also frequently ignored by most buyers and badly abused by businesses. Even influencer marketing is experiencing a backlash. So what is the solution?

It’s all of those channels - all of them together - plus one extra element. You've probably guessed by now, but yes, we're talking about video. You’re already doing so many things almost right—they’re simply missing the nitro boost of video content. Don't get caught in a spiral of declining attention spans and impersonal interactions. Supercharge your existing campaigns with video, and experience a true transformation.

Take it from us. Having implemented video prospecting, Six & Flow's email response rate is 38% higher, and meeting bookings increased fourfold.



Why you Should Embrace Video in Sales

Sales teams are often driven solely by the numbers. We use tools and processes as a means to convert visitors to leads and leads to sales. But that detached process of forcing people through funnels, or engaging with you on your terms, is not how we as humans want to buy any more.

The key is to take a tailored approach. Be it B2C or B2B, we want the way we purchase and the way we interact with brands to be more human. Prospects don't want to be treated like leads on a spreadsheet.

While salespeople often focus on growth at scale - how can we squeeze more from less - that's no longer the most effective way to deliver results. It's time to align your sales processes with how people want to buy in a modern environment.

Move away from the traditional sales funnel and reclaim your voice using video in your sales process. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.



Personal outreach at scale: Using video in templates and sequences

Hubspot users can use the video icon to easily insert videos into the templates and sequences tool. Empowering you to easily share a more personal-feeling video content from the day-to-day tools you use inside HubSpot.


When creating content in templates or sequences, simply click the HubSpot Video icon from the editor. You’ll be able to choose from past video content or record new content to embed into your message.

 Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 17.13.57

Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 17.14.07


From there, you can continue using your template or enrolling contacts into your sequence like you normal - your videos will be seamlessly embedded into your message. In Sequences, you can also create or insert a video when enrolling a contact in a sequence, giving you the opportunity to share a highly personal message with your prospect.


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