The power of personalised videos

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Charlotte - 22.09.2020
The power of personalised videos

Did you know that companies that deliver great buying experiences grow twice as fast as companies that deliver average experiences?

That can't be ignored. If growth is a goal for your company (and if it isn't, it should be!), you need to be focusing on improving the buying experience for your prospects now.

But don't panic, you're not starting from scratch. We're going to run through how creating personalised videos, with Vidyard's video tool, to use in your sales process can improve the buyer experience for your team and your prospects and make a big difference to your conversion rates. 

How big? How does a 400% increase in new meetings booked sound?

But don't just take our word for it. Keep reading to see how you can convert more prospects using hyper-personalised conversational content.




Get your prospects engaged

If you're following an effective inbound marketing process, you'll already have a wealth of engaging and informative content designed to attract prospects with a problem you can solve. After all, that's what inbound is all about, right?

A prospect notices your content and likes what they see. Why wouldn't they? You've curated it specifically for them; it's content written in their language about a problem you know they have.

But then what? You've got them hooked and they're now a part of the buyer journey, but if the next stages don't follow the same high standard they're likely to take the next exit.


Get personal

You need to make your prospects feel valued and feel special. And what better way than to get personal and use what you know about them.

This is where the power of hyper-personalised videos comes into play.

Using the information automatically pulled through by HubSpot, and utilising the power of a video tool such as Vidyard, you can impress your prospect with a personalised video with a range of features that will grab their attention. There are 3 options you can utilise with Vidyard:

  1. Camera - the camera option does exactly what it says on the tin. Just simply you in front of the camera talking through how you can help based on what you know so far.
  2. Screen - the screen option records your screen so you can click through your prospect's site whilst talking through helpful improvements or run through an example/case study.
  3. Camera + screen - our personal favourite is the camera and screen option which records your screen and includes a circular video recording of yourself which can be moved around and resized so you get the perfect balance of personalised. 

In the video, you can address the prospect by name, tell them what you like about their website/company, and even offer real-time advice on how you can help.

It's the perfect way to stand out from the competition and a great way of showing your prospect you care about their business.


 Using video in your sales emails could increase your open rates 5X and your click-through rate 8X.



Personalised videos don't guarantee a sale

It's highly unlikely a prospect will decide to buy on the first interaction with your company. Remember, they may just be discovering their problem and therefore are only at the first 'Awareness stage' of the buyer journey.

But that's OK. This is about nurturing prospects, not hitting them with the hard-sell right out of the gate.

And it doesn't mean they didn't see the value in your video and appreciate the extra time, effort and thought you put in. Chances are that as they move through the buying process and look at other options, your video will be a strong differentiator. First impressions mean everything, right?


Book more meetings

One result you can expect to see is the increase in meetings booked. Using video as the first touchpoint increases the chances of someone booking in some time to speak to you due to the extra effort you've put in, even if it did only take you a couple of minutes to put together.

We've seen this first hand as we experienced a 400% increase in meetings booked when we introduced video into our sales process.

Think about it - how would you feel receiving a hyper-personalised video addressing you by name talking about solving a problem you have? We know, right! It's a game-changer.

If you want to know more about how using video in your sales process will convert more passive prospects into active customers, then download our free guide below.

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