Vidyard Pricing: How much does it cost to use Vidyard?

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Ravi - 06.04.2020

How much does Vidyard cost?

You can start off with Vidyard’s “free forever” option, which gives you access to the ability to upload and share unlimited videos and embed up to five videos on your company’s website. 

There are three “hubs” to choose from (Marketing, Sales and Corporate Comms).

There are four paid for options for Marketing which range from about $15 a month for “Pro” to $850 a month for Vidyard’s Plus option up to “Enterprise”, which is priced based on individual requirements.

Sales has three paid options starting from $15 a month for Pro to $80 for Starter and customised plans for Enterprise level.

Corporate Comms options are customised specifically to your company needs and priced accordingly.

So you’ve decided it’s time to boost your inbound marketing and sales using video and, given that you’re reading this, we’re going to assume that you’re looking at using Vidyard as your video partner.

Choosing a video partner isn’t an easy choice as there are plenty of suppliers you can choose and even more payment options offering you all kinds of features. If you’re new to marketing and sales using video, it can seem a bit overwhelming.

We’re a partner with Vidyard, we use it ourselves, so we’re used to being asked about their pricing.

In this blog we’ll give you an easy to digest guide to take you through the different tiers of Vidyard’s pricing, give you a better understanding of which features might be best based on your needs and give a few pointers on getting started with Vidyard if you do decide to sign up.


Vidyard pricing by “hub” and tier

As we’ve mentioned, Vidyard has a marketing, sales and corporate comms “hub”. Each hub is designed specifically to meet the needs of each department, whether it’s generating awareness and leads through video marketing, closing leads through video sales, or upgrading how you deliver corporate comms.

First, let’s take a look at the Marketing video options.

Here’s how Vidyard describes each pricing tier:

  • Pro - “The professional tool for quickly creating and sharing engaging video content”.
  • Starter - “Marketers looking to generate leads with video on their website and in email”.
  • Plus - “Growing teams focused on creating engaging, interactive video experiences”.
  • Enterprise - “Advanced teams who need to run scalable campaigns with video and report on revenue”.

It might be that you just need this service for your marketing team, or maybe you need a combination of two or more of the services.

We’ve had clients come to us for a number of options whether they’ve decided they need more than they realised and wanted to use video across both marketing and sales from the beginning, to others who ultimately decided to start smaller and scale.

So let’s go through each price tier and see what you get for your money.


Marketing Pro

Vidyard’s marketing pro option starts at $15 a month and could be a great option for a company on a budget looking for a way to start with video in their marketing.

The Pro platform enables you to upload and share an unlimited number of videos via Vidyard and also allows you to embed up to 20 videos on your website and share them across social.

If you’re concerned about branding on your videos, Pro lets you remove any Vidyard branding from the videos you create and share and add your own company logo.

You also don’t need to be concerned about being left to your own devices as you also get access to email support if you run into trouble.

As we’ve said, if you’re not sure about video but want to give it a try, this option could be a great decision.


Marketing Starter

This begins at $150 a month and is a good option for those more sure of their decision to use video, and are also keen to measure the impact of their video content.

Starter enables you to host your video content on your website and gives you access to analytics tools so you can track performance and understand how your videos are performing, and if you’re bringing leads through the door.

As well as being able to share and embed videos on your website and via your social media channels, Starter is the first level where you can start to customise the look and feel of your video presentation.

The fully customisable player means you can edit the look of the video to match your brand’s feel, and you can sync the look and feel of the videos to match your company’s landing pages so the videos don’t look out of place and match with the rest of your content.

If you’re particularly interested in sharing your videos via social, then the fact you can sync your videos to social through Starter and upload them natively to YouTube and Facebook is definitely a consideration to you.

This is important because social media channels favour videos which are uploaded directly to their platform (as opposed to those which point an audience away to another website) which increases the chances of your audience seeing and engaging with your content.

Speaking of engagement.

Upgrading to Starter allows you to create interactive CTAs within your video content, meaning you can push your audience to take actions directly through your videos, rather than watching a video and then hoping they scan the rest of the landing page to move further on.


Marketing Plus

Priced at $850 a month, Vidyard Marketing Plus is for those really looking to step up their video marketing game and deep dive and track the content they’re producing.

In Plus, you get access to advanced analytics to give you a wider scope of metrics to report on for your content.

The ability to optimise your videos for SEO and automatically create transcripts of your video’s audio, increasing the chances of them ranking in search also comes into play at this payment tier while your in-video CTAs can be customised to your own branding.

You can also play around with your video’s thumbnails with options to carry out some A/B testing to give you an idea what kind of thumbnails your audience responds to.

And if you’re also using some kind of marketing automation, Vidyard Marketing Plus gives you access to one data integration so you can hook the platform into HubSpot or whatever automation platform you’re using and start to get a better idea of the lead quality you’re driving through video creation.

While we’re on the subject of HubSpot and Vidyard.

If you’re a HubSpot Pro or Enterprise Marketing customer, then HubSpot video is a native video integration you can use between this and Vidyard.

Having access to this means you can create, share and measure the impact of your videos directly through HubSpot, rather than switching between platforms or trying to measure and report on performance from two places.

There’s more information on what you get here but to give you an idea, if you have HubSpot Pro or Enterprise, and Vidyard starter, you get access to:

  • Social sharing
  • SEO optimisation
  • Video playlists
  • Customisable video landing pages


Having HubSpot Pro with Vidyard Plus gives you a couple of extra options too:

  • Split-test video thumbnails for your A/B testing
  • Automatic video transcripts
  • Customisable in-video CTAs
  • More advanced analytics


Marketing Enterprise

At this point you’re entering the rarefied atmosphere of video professional, and need a customised solution for your marketing team.

At this point you need to get in touch with Vidyard direct.


Vidyard for sales

While you might think video is just a useful tool for marketing, it is also becoming an incredibly useful tool for sales. Prospects and customers are crying out for personal communications from brands and video is a great way to do that.

Vidyard for sales comes with three tiers (Pro, Starter and Enterprise).

We’ll save the anticipation of seeing what Enterprise can do for your team by telling you now that this is totally custom to your team’s individual needs and is built to your specific requirements.


Sales Pro

At $15 a month, Sales Pro is a good first step for those testing the waters of video in their sales process.

Like Marketing Pro, you get the option to record and send unlimited videos through Vidyard and can embed up to 20 videos on your website and share them over social.

You also get the same ability to add your own brand’s logo to your videos and remove Vidyard branding (which is particularly useful if you’re concerned about prospects getting confused about who is sending them a video).


Sales Starter

This option starts at $80 a month (which is a bit cheaper than the Marketing level equivalent) and gives you access to some more advanced options for how you create and share sales videos.

Like the Marketing level, Sales Starter gives you access to interactive CTAs.

For sales teams this could be really useful for removing friction when trying to schedule calls or meetings with prospects, and even be used to encourage prospects to book time with you.

Imagine a prospect watching your video, and then right at the time you’re fresh in their mind and they’re already engaged with your content, you serve them up your calendar and an option to book time with you.

At this level, you can create “video playlists” from either your own Vidyard account or from your marketing video catalogue. This is useful if prospects or customers are requesting information on multiple issues which you have content.

Using these playlists you can create packages of videos answering specific issues.

And, similar to the HubSpot options available with Vidyard’s Marketing platform, you can get a direct integration between HubSpot and Vidyard via HubSpot Pro or Enterprise and Vidyard Sales Starter.


Vidyard for Corporate Comms

It’s not just your prospects and customers that can benefit from video content.

Internal comms are just as important as how you communicate with the outside world, and Vidyard have created the option to create and host internal videos and create internal hubs for you to store your videos for employees to access.

This is a good option when it comes to onboarding new employees.

Like every decision you’ll make when it comes to investing in a new platform it all comes down to a couple of thing:

  1. Why are you investing this money?
  2. What are you hoping to get out of it?
  3. How are you going to measure its success and failure?

How much to costs to get started with video sales and marketing is a topic we've covered before in this blog

In our blog - boost sales with personalised video - we discuss the power video can really have in the sales and marketing process.

If you’re still unsure about the value of video, and Vidyard in particular, we recently held a joint online discussion with them on the value of using video in your sales and marketing.


You can catch up here free on the webinar “Using video to grow in this new contactless world


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