How to use video for sales

Using video to build authentic relationships

Video is one of the most effective ways to create connections with customers and close more sales. But, most organisations only implement video as a part of their sales strategy, not at the core. 

Warmth, empathy and trust form the foundation of every great sales campaign, and video content can create these strong connections in ways other content just can’t.

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The benefits of video as a sales tool

How videos help sales

Video allows salespeople to use tone of voice, facial expressions and other empathetic strategies at scale. The key benefits include:

  • Build long-distance relationships 
  • Explain complex topics through visual cues and screen sharing
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Higher response rates
  • Introduce additional personalisation

How to use video throughout your sales process

Video prospecting

Add a personal touch by including video in your emails, LinkedIn outreach or live chats. This attention-grabbing method is a sure way to improve your click-through rate.

Explain topics in detail

Video is a powerful tool to explain complex topics or communicate content in an interactive, engaging way. It's often more effective that dense PDF documents or lengthy emails. 

Deal closing

Using video, you can accelerate the pace at which you close deals by sharing micro-demos, completing document walkthroughs,  or handing off details to your customer success team. 

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How we can help with your video strategy

strategic video services

Integrate video into your wider sales strategy

We work with clients to map out your sales processes and create videos that target buyer personas. This way, you can deliver personalised video content that resonates with your buyer's needs.

Video training resources

Video training

We offer the strategy, implementation and training for your team to continue implementing a winning video for sales strategy in the long term. Have video become a core element of your growth strategy.


Persona-driven Campaigns

We’ll work with you to understand who your audience is, create buyer personas, and outline the content that best resonates with these key audiences. This allows us to track video engagement across different personas and feed these analytics into your wider sales strategy.

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Video in sequences

HubSpot for video selling

Within HubSpot, you can upload or embed videos into your email sequences or web pages. In Sequences, you can insert a video when enrolling a contact, giving you the opportunity to share a highly personal message with your prospect. 

Within HubSpot, you can track video engagement,  and click-through rate and understand where your prospect drops off. This helps you create a feedback loop that improves your video content and in turn, your sales outreach.

Vidyard Analytics

Creating, hosting, and tracking videos with Vidyard

Within Vidyard, you can create and host video content that helps your BDRs, SDRs, AEs and Sales Engineers sell better.

Record your webcam and/or your screen and easily send sales videos in a matter of a few clicks. Using Vidyard's analytics feature, you can easily track engagement and respond at the right moment.

When you integrate Vidyard videos with HubSpot, you view the complete buyer's journey and understand how video drives more deals into your pipeline. 

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