What is a RevOps Maturity Model?

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Sarah - 24.10.2023
What is a RevOps Maturity Model?

A RevOps Maturity Model is a strategic framework that helps businesses assess their operational efficiency, identify areas for improvement, and plan for sustainable growth.

It goes beyond just evaluation, offering a comprehensive assessment based on proficiency models and best practice indicators.

By leveraging this model, businesses can evaluate their current operational efficiency, pinpoint areas for improvement, and strategically plan for sustainable growth.


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The RevOps Maturity Assessment is designed to dissect and assess various aspects of your operations. These include the overall maturity of your RevOps, the foundations of your RevOps—encompassing people, processes, technology, and insights—and each of the sections of your sales funnel.

By providing an in-depth analysis of these areas, the RevOps Maturity Model aids in identifying strengths and weaknesses, paving the way for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

As you build out your RevOps strategy you will travel from:

  • Poor: This stage represents a lack of understanding and implementation of RevOps as a holistic approach. The departments within the company function independently without collaboration, leading to misalignment and inefficiencies.

  • Average: At this stage, there is some level of alignment between departments, but it is ad-hoc rather than intentional. There may be some basic processes in place, but they are not standardised or optimised.


  • Good: This stage signifies a significant improvement in operational efficiency. There is a clear understanding of the importance of RevOps and collaboration between departments is encouraged. Processes are standardised and technology is utilised to streamline operations.


  • Excellent: The highest level of maturity represents full alignment, integration, and optimisation across all departments. RevOps is seen as an integral part of the company's operations and there is continuous improvement in all areas.


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Funnel Rating

Assessing your funnel is a crucial part of your RevOps strategy because it gives you insights into the journey that your prospects go through, from the first contact to becoming customers. By looking at each stage of your funnel - awareness, consideration, conversion, and retention - you can pinpoint any bottlenecks or gaps that might hinder the smooth transition of potential customers through your sales process.

This assessment helps you allocate resources more effectively, streamline your operations, and ensure that all departments are aligned in their goals. And most importantly, by understanding how your funnel is performing, you can make data-driven decisions that drive revenue growth, improve customer experience, and boost overall business efficiency.


RevOps Foundations

The foundations of your RevOps include people, processes, technology, and insights.

The foundations of RevOps - people, processes, technology, and insights - are indispensable in assessing the maturity of your RevOps.

The people element of your RevOps signifies the workforce responsible for implementing, managing, and optimising RevOps strategies. To assess the maturity of your operations, it's crucial to understand the level of expertise, collaboration, and understanding of RevOps within your team.

Processes represent the systems and procedures your organisation has in place to facilitate RevOps. A mature company will have standardised and efficient processes that enable seamless operation across departments.

Technology is crucial for improving operational efficiency and accuracy in RevOps. It enables automation, analytics, and communication tools that support your people and processes. The level of technology adoption and utilisation can be a strong indicator of RevOps maturity.

Finally, insights refer to the data-driven knowledge your organisation obtains from its operations. This can include customer behaviour, sales trends, and operational efficiency. Mature organisations will not only collect a wide range of data, but also effectively interpret it to drive strategic decision-making and continuous improvement.


Getting Started with RevOps Consultants

To progress on your RevOps journey, it is recommended to start with a comprehensive Revenue health check. At Six & Flow, we conduct a thorough analysis of each section of your funnel, providing tailored recommendations for improvement in accordance with industry best practices and your unique organisational context.

Additionally, we perform a meticulous audit of your CRM to identify areas for technical enhancement and system adoption. Based on these findings, we develop a strategic roadmap that outlines short-term (0-3 Months), mid-term (3-9 Months), and long-term (9-18 Months) priorities.

This approach ensures that your revenue growth journey is guided by a well-defined plan, optimising your chances of success.

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