The first step in your RevOps journey should be a RevOps health check

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Sarah - 18.04.2023
Start your revenue growth journey with a RevOps health check

Embarking on a RevOps journey is like setting sail on an exciting adventure to drive revenue and business growth. 

But just like any seasoned explorer, you wouldn't set sail without first checking the health of your ship and crew. 

Similarly, at the start of your RevOps journey, a thorough health check is essential to assess your current RevOps proficiency, uncover hidden insights, and set the course for success.

Consider it as a diagnostic tool that provides a detailed breakdown of your RevOps performance. From there, in-depth analysis and actionable recommendations can be made. 

To unlock these invaluable insights, you need to capture benchmarks from relevant reports.

With HubSpot's powerful reporting capabilities, you can effortlessly create a centralised dashboard that provides a clear view of your marketing, sales, service, and revenue performance. 

Setting RevOps benchmarks

At Six & Flow, the first stage of any RevOps consultancy project begins with a health check. This is a comprehensive review, analysis, and roadmap for your RevOps strategy. 

This step is critical, because for starters, you may be further along in your RevOps journey than you anticipated. 

RevOps aims to shift your team from misaligned reports, no clear goals, siloed teams, and fragmented data systems to shared reports, clear goals, aligned teams, and integrated data. 

If your customer-facing teams have adopted a connected CRM, such as HubSpot, and it is set up to portray a single source of truth across all teams and external systems, then you’re not starting from scratch. 

But your CRM and the rest of your tech stack are only the tip of the iceberg. 

A health check is used to assess your adoption stage across your people, processes, technology and insight. We also seek to understand how your funnel is performing and where improvements should be made, based on an in-depth analysis. 

The Revops metrics you should start tracking

Reviewing your funnel for RevOps

The 'State of Excellence'

With RevOps, you should be making incremental improvements to your funnel. Working towards the north star metrics of greater ROI, pipeline generation and revenue growth means not just looking to generate more leads - although that can be one step - but looking at aspects across demand generation, sales management and service & retention.

Making incremental changes in your funnel

Demand Generation 

You can’t generate more leads unless you are driving the necessary traffic to your site. Not only that, the traffic you are generating should be targeted towards personas that are more likely to convert. To meet your demand generation goals each quarter, you need to achieve the following:

  1. You should not be relying on a single or small subset of channels to drive traffic and revenue. You should have multiple performing channels for demand gen efforts with a balanced split of effort.

  2. Your marketing efforts should be targeted, segmented and contextual. This means creating top-of-the-funnel content that aligns with your personas and ICPs, but also bottom-of-the-funnel content for personas that may enter at different stages of the sales process.  

  3. Lastly, you should be running campaigns aligned to an overarching structure with a clear view on revenue impact.


revops marketing dashboard

Discover which metrics to analyse for RevOps

Sales Management

Core to driving revenue growth is understanding what actions your sales team can take to increase sales velocity. This means standardising processes that lead to greater win-rates, offering them actionable data and insights, and using technology that enables advanced business competencies. To help your sales team meet and exceed quota, you need to achieve the following: 

  1. You should be using a robust qualification process across your team and ensuring that processes are captured in your CRM setup.

  2. You should be creating a well-balanced sales team that consists of strong-performers, rather than relying on individuals. 

  3. Sales reps should understand which deals to prioritise by having access to real-time, contextual data.

  4. You should be able to forecast for long timeframes accurately, and reps should be able to easily identify deals that are likely to close.


revops sales dashboard

Discover which metrics to analyse for RevOps

Service & Retention

Generating new customers is only half the battle. The most successful organisations offer exceptional customer service to retain customers and successfully identify upsell opportunities. As such, you need to achieve the following:

  1. You should be using a range of structured surveys and have the ability to analyse the data across your customer lifecycle.
  2. You should have a ticketing system in place with a clear structure and multiple functions.
  3. Quick resolutions should occur by ensuring client comms are consolidated and structured. 
  4. Lastly, you need a robust measure for client health that is present in your CRM.


Discover which metrics to analyse for RevOps

The role of a RevOps health check in your CRM optimisation or implementation

After reading what an ideal funnel should look like in your RevOps strategy, it’s evident that your CRM needs to support your team. 

Your CRM should be set up to ensure your processes are fully mapped and helps your team complete daily activities efficiently. 

The data entering your CRM must be structured, clean and readily available. Only then can you set up dashboards and real-time reports where information is readily available and actionable. 

During a Six & Flow RevOps health check, we seek to answer the following questions so that your CRM set up meets your growth goals:


  1. What processes are you following, or should you be following?
  2. How can those processes be mapped in HubSpot to ensure that team members complete activities leading to greater sales velocity?
  3. Can managers easily report on activities throughout those processes to identify where additional coaching is required? 

Why is this important for your CRM set up? HubSpot can be customised to support your business processes. To name a few, these foundations ensure your sales qualification processes are mapped in HubSpot and that your team is capturing the necessary data that contributes to better win rates. 

Once these processes are mapped in HubSpot, sales managers can identify if a rep requires additional coaching on capturing that data point. 

Here is an example of how your CRM can support a qualification process such as, MEDDPICC. 

customise your crm to meddpicc


  1. Does your current tech stack inhibit growth as a result of using too many tools, a lack of a single source of truth, lack of insight, or limited understanding on how to use the tools?

Do you have the core data structures in place?

Why is this important for your CRM set up? With HubSpot, there is the opportunity to consolidate your tech stack, saving your organisation time and money. When team members use various isolated tools, the opportunity for data silos and information gaps increases. Your HubSpot Portal can be set up to ensure a single source of truth exists across all customer-facing teams. That being said, a CRM is likely not the only tool in your arsenal. As such, the correct integrations must be set up to ensure a single source of truth and reduce manual work. 


  1. Is your team able to easily access reports that draw actionable insights - both at the individual and team level? 
  2. Is information siloed across systems and individual staff? 
  3. Does your team trust the figures?

When reviewing your technology, the tools in your tech stack must allow you to capture the insight your team needs to grow revenue successfully. Reports should be readily available that allow insight to be pulled from both micro and macro levels. 


Within your RevOps strategy, people play an essential role - your team needs to be aligned on the company's core objectives, understand the systems and how they drive performance, and ensure they are in the right role.

In terms of your CRM set up, a critical process is the adoption of your team members. Stakeholders’ needs and goals should be fed into how the platform is set up. Once up and running, they should be trained on how to use the platform to ensure ongoing adoption and success. 

By leveraging HubSpot's powerful reporting capabilities and conducting a thorough health check, you can gain invaluable insights into your RevOps performance, uncover hidden opportunities for improvement, and set a clear path for success.

A properly optimised CRM is crucial for supporting your RevOps strategy, ensuring that your processes are fully mapped, data is clean and actionable, and your team can efficiently complete daily activities to drive sales velocity.

Creating your RevOps Strategic Roadmap

At Six & Flow, once your funnel rating has been conducted and benchmarks have been established, our team shares a strategic roadmap across demand generation, sales management, and service and retention with you. This roadmap offers short, mid and long-term actions for engagement. 

During a Six & Flow RevOps health check, our experts will thoroughly assess your current RevOps proficiency, map your processes in HubSpot, and provide actionable recommendations for improving your sales velocity and driving revenue growth.

So, are you ready to optimise your RevOps strategy? 

Partner with Six & Flow, a trusted RevOps consultancy, to unlock the full potential of your revenue operations. Our comprehensive health check, backed by our expertise in HubSpot and CRM optimisation, will help you achieve your revenue goals with confidence.

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