The RevOps Diaries - RevOps for B2B

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Sarah - 24.03.2023
The RevOps Diaries - RevOps 101 for B2B

The RevOps Diaries

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the latest blog series where we dive headfirst into the world of Revenue Operations. We're gonna break down the nitty-gritty processes, share some key milestones, and reflect on the intricate changes made to the daily grind of our go-to-market teams.

Now, this first blog post is all about laying the groundwork for understanding Revenue Ops and the sheer value this radical framework can bring to your organization. So buckle up and prepare to hear how some little changes will have a huge impact on your Revenue.

What is RevOps?

Revenue Operations (RevOps) - it's the magical alignment of people, process and technology, all working together to drive that sweet, sweet revenue growth. Sounds easy, right? Just make some small changes and watch the money roll in. But hold on, it's not that simple. In fact, it's anything but.

RevOps is unique to every organisation, with its own special blend of people, tech, and processes that need to be carefully aligned. But at its core, RevOps is about bringing teams together and focusing on driving revenue across marketing, sales, upsells and renewals.

So, how do you make it happen? First, you need to get everyone on the same page. Marketing, sales, and customer service need to come together as one cohesive unit, not operating in silos.

This means aligning your data, technology, and processes across the board. Do you have the right people in the right roles? Are your processes well-documented and understood? Do you have the right tech to enable functions across your business? And most importantly, do you have access to effective data across the team?

Once you have all these pieces in place, it's time to drive consistency. And that's where the real magic happens.

The four main components that should be aligned between these teams are data, technology, and processes. 

  • People - Do you have the right people in the right roles and engaged
  • Processes - Does your business have robust processes, documented and understood
  • Technology - Do you have the right tech to enable functions across your business
  • Insight - Do you have access to effective data across the team

Then, it’s time to drive consistency. 

RevOps Funnel Example

Alright folks, gather round and let's take a look at a simple funnel. 

Clients come to us all the time, saying "we need more leads". But what they don't realise is that they're missing some key steps in the funnel that could be holding them back.

RevOps Funnel Example

So, let's imagine for a moment that, in addition to optimising lead generation, the client made some small tweaks to improve how they handle those leads at the discovery and qualification stage. Nothing major, just a few minor adjustments.

And would you look at that - those little changes led to an 83% increase in revenue. It just goes to show you, marginal gains in your campaigns can really compound over time. So don't overlook the little things, my friends. They can make all the difference.

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The Purpose of RevOps

If you have a revenue target on your head then no doubt you are tired of living in a world of unpredictable revenue growth? Sick of the ups and downs, the uncertainty, the chaos? Well, have no fear, because that's what RevOps is all about, building predictable, efficient revenue growth.

Now, I know what you're thinking - how the hell do you achieve that? It sounds impossible, right? But I'm here to tell you that it's not. It's all about achieving shared reporting, establishing clear goals, aligning your teams, and integrating your data. 

Is it hard? Yes. Is it impossible? Not by a long stretch

Core RevOps KPIs

Customer churn 

Customer churn, my friend, can be an eye-opener into how your company's perceived by those who give you their hard-earned cash. If your churn rate is high, it's time to take a good, hard look at the relationship between you and your customers. The key here is to make sure that your revenue growth is outpacing the rate at which your customers are jumping ship.

Now, here's the kicker: If you can bring down that churn rate, you're not just increasing your bottom line, you're making your customers feel that much more satisfied. They'll be your biggest supporters, your evangelists, your bread and butter. And with the flywheel spinning faster, your competitors will be left choking on your dust. 

Revenue per employee

Consistency is the name of the game here. You need (!) to move away from depending on a few superstars and create a team of all-stars, all working in tandem like a well-oiled machine. With the right data in hand, we can pinpoint those best practices and replicate them across the team. Soon, every member will be pulling their weight and bringing in those sweet, sweet profits.

Account relationship score

Modern engagement isn't walking into a room and screaming “BUY MY STUFF”. It’s a systematic process for communicating effectively to break through that wall of noise and connect with our prospects on a deeper level. A strong relationship isn’t just about whether a contact likes you or not, it's about keeping that conversation flowing and bringing in the right people to make things happen. An account relationship score offers additional insight in your CRM, that allows your team to prioritise deals and understand where further engagement is needed to close that deal. With this insight, we'll know which deals to prioritize and where to double down on our efforts to bring them across the finish line.

The Role of your CRM in RevOps

A common mistake businesses make is thinking CRM work is the same as RevOps work. A well-adopted and powerful CRM can solve part of the technology and insight piece but… to really get that RevOps model humming, you gotta look at the whole picture. Technology is just one part of it. You need to think about the people and the processes, too.

See, adopting new tech won't magically solve all your problems. It's gotta help your team capture new insights and make it easier to track activity across your funnel. But that's just the beginning. To really make it work, you gotta have a plan in place for the people and processes, too. So, take a step back, and look at the big picture. Don't get caught up in thinking that technology alone is the answer. 'Cause the truth is, it's only one piece of the puzzle.

HubSpot for RevOps

HubSpot, your prime Customer Relationship Management tool is the single source of truth for all your contacts, companies, deals, and whatnot.

Your go-to-market teams should be all over that bad boy, managing every customer and potential customer relationship like their life depends on it.

And let me tell you, HubSpot is a thing of beauty. Crafted to drive connections - connections with your customers, your team members, your business units, even different systems.

Now, why is this important for RevOps, you ask? Well, with HubSpot, you can align your marketing team, your sales team, and your CS teams onto one singular platform. That's right, folks, all in one place.

But that's not all. HubSpot also lets you connect with over 1200 apps through the app Marketplace or by using APIs to create custom apps. Custom objects and the Open API also enable significant customization within your CRM.

So, my friends, with HubSpot, you can easily measure and make changes to your demand generation, sales management, and service and retention. We'll be diving deeper into HubSpot features, customizations, and processes you can implement to build a solid technology foundation for RevOps. Get ready for some serious wizardry, folks.Throughout this series, we will be diving deeper into HubSpot features, customisations, and processes you can implement to build a core technology foundation for RevOps. 

About Six & Flow and RevOps

RevOps looks different in every business. Each use case is different. And for starters, size matters. 

Our approach first begins with a RevOps assessment where we evaluate your organisation across 3 core stages. 

We create a survey to assess your current RevOps Maturity and send to key stakeholders.

We then run a standalone two-hour session with the key stakeholders to have a focused engagement on the areas of your company that will need to be improved on to enable RevOps.

We review core business goals contextualised with the stakeholder feedback, and provide a tailored strategy and change forecast based on the findings.

Based on the findings from the previous sections you will then receive a map of recommended strategies over the next 18 months split by the area of funnel development they will affect.

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