Which stakeholders should you involve in your HubSpot Implementation

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Sarah - 08.11.2022
Which stakeholders should you involve in your HubSpot Implementation

A successful CRM implementation requires buy-in and collaboration from stakeholders across your entire organization. From the C-suite to the front lines, everyone needs to be on board with your CRM strategy. 

When you think of your CRM implementation, you should think of it as a process and methodology. HubSpot is more than a software. It changes the way your business operations - You shift from having different systems for different teams to cross-functional alignment; from isolated data to unified data. And, from disjointed people to alignment around single goals and targets.

And most of all, your team moves from not using your CRM to loving it. 

The success of your CRM project lies in the hands of those who use it every day. If they're not using it, then you're not getting a return on your investment.

But, before we go into the details of each stakeholder group, let's first understand the 3 internal roles needed in your CRM Implementation.

3 Internal roles needed in your CRM Implementation

Key Decision Maker

A stakeholder with the authority to make decisions and who motivates the team to adopt the new software.

Early Adopter 

An individual who has adopted the software early on in the project and is comfortable supporting other team members.

Late Adopter

Somebody who initially struggled to use the platform, but through the help of other team members and training materials, has since become an expert. 

These internal champions should be involved in your CRM rollout and planning process where possible. By getting their feedback and input early, you can avoid any potential roadblocks later on in the project.

Keeping these internal champions in mind, let's look at the department stakeholders that should be involved in your CRM Implementation of HubSpot Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and Operations Hub.

Your HubSpot implementation involves every department within your organisation.

Each department should have a champion who is responsible for ensuring that the CRM rollout is successful within their area.


The sales team will be using Sales Hub to manage their leads and deals, as well as forecast accurately. They are concerned by the features, automation, and reporting that will be available to them. They need to see how the CRM will make their jobs easier on a day-to-day basis.


The marketing team is focused on automating their workflows and generating more leads. The success of their marketing activity depends on their ability to easily segment and offer personalised communication with leads. They will need to understand which leads turn into paying customers in order to improve their marketing efforts.


The service team is looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn rates. They need to see how HubSpot Service Hub can help them automate ticketing and offer ways for the customer to solve issues on their own in addition to providing support where needed. They need to have a single source of truth for the customer so that they can provide a cohesive and personalised support experience.


The operations team is concerned with the efficiency of the company's processes. Their goal is to help empower sales, marketing and service teams with the technology and processes to deliver an amazing experience across the customer journey.


The finance team is typically involved in the invoice process. They need to use the CRM to view an up-to-date record of customer activity and collaborate closely with sales and service teams to ensure billing accuracy.


The IT team is responsible for maintaining the company's technology infrastructure. They work closely with GTM teams to ensure that the system meets the company's needs and integrates seamlessly with other systems.


The key to a successful CRM integration is realising that every implementation is different and can be challenging, but they can be managed effectively by a strong team.

Six & Flow specialises in helping enterprises onboard HubSpot through bespoke strategy, tailored implementation, and training. We approach each CRM implementation holistically, always taking the time to understand your business, processes, and goals before we get started.

If you're planning a HubSpot rollout or migration and need help getting started, contact us today. We'll be happy to chat with you about your specific needs and requirements.


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