You can now embed video messages in HubSpot templates & sequences

September 27, 2019
By Andy

Thanks to the team at Vidyard, you can now embed videos directly into your HubSpot CRM templates and sequences. The best part? It only take a few clicks.

And... as you may have guessed, we’re excited about it. We don’t just mean the normal sales & marketing  ‘excited’, we mean real, normal human-being excited. We use video in the sale process an awful lot. It helps to humanise the buying process for our potential customers. It builds relationships, helps us stand out from the pack AND ultimately, it delivers more meetings and more business.

Vidyard and HubSpot have been playing well together for a while now (in fact, we are one of their first 10 global partners), you can pull videos into sales emails, blogs, webpages, use video views to trigger automation - all sorts of call things - but what you couldn't easily do was easily add videos into sales sequences and email templates. Now you can.



If you’re already familiar with inbound as a growth strategy, you should hopefully by now have realised it isn’t so much that ‘content is king’ but that ‘relevant and engaging content capable of educating and informing your customers at every stage’ is king (but we’re probably going to struggle to get that trending).

Even so, being able to embed video in HubSpot templates & sequences means it’s now easier than ever for your sales and customer service teams to ensure 1:1 video becomes a fundamental part of your sales process.

People love a highly personal, authentic, and actionable video. Don’t believe us? Well according to HubSpot’s ‘Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2019’, while 20% of people will read the text on a page, 80% of people will watch a video and 64% are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.

They’re some impressive numbers proving how effective video marketing could be in growing your business. But don’t just take HubSpot’s word for it. Back in 2016 Google already explored the idea when they uncovered how almost 50% of Internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. So, rather than waiting around for half your customers to go looking for a video showcasing your product or service online, not only can you now send them relatable video content direct but you can personalise (and humanise it!) it to match the relevant stage in their buying journey. 

For example, want to send all the prospects who’ve requested more information on one of your products a short introduction video about the challenges it helps solve? Well, now you can. Or how about sending all your new customers a personal video thanking them for their purchase and explaining how you're aftercare service works? Done. The possibilities are endless. At Six & Flow, video spans from marketing to sales and through to our customer success teams.

With the new integration, you can enhance your customer’s buying experience by sending a personalised message to specific groups based on their unique interests and needs, and all in just a few short clicks.

Now, look us square in the eyes and tell us that isn't a game-changer?

The other great news is it’s easy to do: when creating new content in HubSpot templates or sequences, just click the HubSpot Video icon from the editor and you’ll be able to choose videos from your existing HubSpot library or you can record new content and embed it straight into your message. HubSpot Video embedding in sequences and templates is accessible both in Sales Hub Professional & Enterprise and is available in all languages supported by HubSpot.


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