HubSpot for recruitment agencies.

Attract candidates & clients. Offer value. Convert.

The way we recruit and hire talent has changed. Today's recruiters need a growth strategy that forms relationships, nurtures candidates and clients through the employment cycle, and showcases what your recruitment agency has to offer.

Guide to using HubSpot for recruitment agencies
From To
Creating company content Creating high-value content unique to candidates and clients
Job seekers and companies apply and submit roles on a one-off basis Continuing the conversation and promoting repeat visitors
No-fit candidates Determine lead quality before running outbound campaigns
Cold-calling Sending the right roles when the timing and fit is right
Limited knowledge about your organisation Forming relationships and establishing credibility


What can a CRM help you achieve?

The recruitment industry can leverage HubSpot's growth stack to convert more candidates and clients while establishing credibility. This can be achieved by:

  • Generating meaningful traffic and understanding where the traffic is coming from.
  • Segmenting audience groups by candidates and clients.
  • Capturing traffic as leads.
  • Improving efficiency amongst salespeople by communicating with higher-quality leads. 
  • Keeping the conversation going by offering compelling content at the right time and channel. 

HubSpot for growing recruitment firms

Improve credibility as an agency

Improve credibility as an agency

Move beyond traditional sourcing methods. Start improving organic candidate and client generation when you have a complete view and can share educational content through personalised distribution methods.

Build a high-quality pipeline

Build a high-quality pipeline

Establish credibility and Increase engagement rates. Create a strategy using the HubSpot tools to power your team with a pipeline of candidates and clients that are interested in moving forward with a recruitment agency.

Segment candidates & clients

Segment candidates & clients

Build authentic relationships with your candidates and clients. Lists can be automatically populated to map candidates and clients according to specific criteria. Segmentation buys back time for your team and ensures you reach out at the right moment.

Single Source of Truth Icon

Create a single source of truth

HubSpot offers extensive integrations and APIs that ensure you can create a unified view of your candidates and clients directly in your CRM. As a result, you can deliver multi-channel experiences and track journeys, all from one unified platform.

Turbo-charge traffic, leads and qualification with inbound.

Lead generation for recruitment agencies

Excessive outbound, poor candidate matches, and a limited client base can dilute your credibility as a recruitment agency. 

You need to attract hard-to-find candidates and clients, engage with them at scale, and delight each one at a personal level. 

Generating quality website traffic means shifting your content strategy from company content to high-value content for candidates and clients. You don’t want any lead coming to your website - you want traffic that is more likely to convert to candidates & clients. From there, recruitment agencies can leverage HubSpot to keep the conversation going and form relationships. 

Create personas that represent the candidates and clients you want to reach.
Develop content with these personas' biggest ambitions, challenges and questions in mind.
Promote this content across social media and engage with your audience where possible.
Convert and nurture candidates and clients with a timely and automated nurturing sequence. 


HubSpot Segmentation for Recruitment

Tailor the experience to each candidate and client

Messy data and manual list maintenance impact the value you can offer to candidates and clients. 


To harness the power of your website traffic, content must tailored to unique audience groups. But, in order to accomplish this, you first need a clean database where lists are updated themselves automatically.


With HubSpot, you can leverage automation to maintain an up-to-date database. This allows you to personalise communication at scale and serve content your audience wants to read, when they want it.


Flywheel for Recruitment

Building your recruitment agency flywheel

The Flywheel framework helps recruitment agencies focus on candidates' and clients' journeys, turning them into new applicants and customers and having them become brand champions for your agency.  Done right, you can improve the quality and quantity of your pipeline, reduce costs, and build a strong brand.



The attract phase focuses on attracting high-quality talent and clients. Here, you must earn attention through content marketing, conversion rate optimisation, SEO, and more.  



Enable candidates and clients to engage with your recruitment agency on their preferred timeline and communication channels. You should be nurturing relationships and sharing valuable content at the right time and place. 



Capture feedback, offer support and empower your candidates and clients to successfully reach their goals and improve their KPIs. 



What can HubSpot do for Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies can benefit from using HubSpot by attracting more visitors, converting these visitors to potential candidates and clients and finally, matching candidates with clients and closing more clients.

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Who we’ve worked with

Integrating your recruitment tech stack.

Case Study: Phaidon International

Phaidon International needed an advanced CRM and data structure that could provide accurate and actionable data. 

Phaidon International worked closely with us to optimise HubSpot and connect the CRM platform to Mercury. This helped facilitate growth by giving the company clarity on its data and processes as well as automating repetitive tasks.

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HubSpot Mercury Integration
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Integrations we've done

Delight candidates & clients

Attract relevant, qualified and genuinely interested leads

Recruitment is a hugely personal sector that relies on creative relationship building, effective lead management and a healthy dose of multi-tasking.