3 benefits of a true CRM platform

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David - 09.03.2021
crm platform benefits

A CRM is a key tool for any growing business. It can enable you to better manage customer relationships, identify leads and customers and align your team across sales, marketing and service. There’s no doubt that you need one as a central part of your company. The real question is which CRM do you need? There are a lot of CRM providers out there, but don’t worry we’ve already done the hard work in comparing the big players in the CRM space.  



Now, as an Elite HubSpot partner, we might be a little biased...but the HubSpot CRM really is the best of the bunch. The main reason for this is that HubSpot’s built differently. The HubSpot CRM is a true CRM platform. That means it was perfectly crafted to be fit for purpose and wasn’t cobbled together with hundreds of integrations resulting in a clunky user experience and an overwhelming amount of tools. With HubSpot you have a collection of proven tools, components and systems that work together to create a seamless user experience.

And to prove we’re not just siding with our best pal, here are 3 completely objective benefits of a true CRM platform:


1. Easy to align: Single source of truth

When your data, processes and teams aren’t aligned, it is your customer that suffers. Their buyer journey will be disruptive and confusing and there’s the chance you’ll end up losing them in all the tools. With the HubSpot CRM, every bit of data, all your processes and each of your teams are as one. This means you can improve your buyer journey with a smooth transition through the sales process and with just one customer record, for all your teams to see, you can ensure you won’t lose them in the noise.


2. Easy to adopt: Intuitive user experience

Working out of multiple platforms day in, day out is only going to leave your team feeling one way. Frustrated. Some team members might simply stop using certain platforms and then you’re left with huge inefficiencies across your data and a team that hates the concept of a CRM. But it doesn’t need to be this way. With everything under one roof, the HubSpot CRM is much more intuitive in terms of user experience meaning your team is happy and you can benefit from improved efficiency across the board.


3. Easy to adapt: Unified codebase

Last but not least, flexibility. Whatever business you’re in, whatever industry it’s always been hard work and expensive to change the concrete plans you’ve put in place. But as the recent year has shown us, the ability to respond and adapt to market changes has never been more important. The need to adapt and pivot is constant with uncertainty still dominating the business landscape. Having a CRM built from multiple different platforms can make it very difficult (and expensive) to change direction when needed. With HubSpot, it’s easy to adapt. The unified codebase means that everything you do can be changed by you whatever the situation.

To sum up, a CRM is an incredibly important tool for a growing business to utilise. Having the wrong CRM can negatively impact your team, your revenue and the ability to grow and scale. Whereas, having the right CRM can provide you with a seamless, connected platform that accelerates revenue, drives growth for your business and is loved by your team.

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