A video marketing infographic to charm the most Millennial Millennials

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Rose - 03.02.2017

We’ve carefully crafted a video marketing infographic for you all. We got the statistics from our pals over at HubSpot, so we can’t take all the credit. We handpicked some of our favourites facts, but there are plenty more stats here if you fancy taking a look.

I think we all know by now that video marketing campaigns are going to be huge. If you haven’t seen video marketing absolutely dominating your social media feeds, then you either live under a rock, or don’t spend half as much time on social media as we do…

When sitting on a bus/tram/train/whatever it is you use to get to work, take a look around you. Pretty much everyone is scrolling through their social media feeds watching some kind of video marketing. Since we take in hundreds of thousands of messages each day, a video is something quick for our super short attention spans to digest. As a result, many people get more excited and engaged with video as opposed to dense chunks of text.

I won't talk you through our video marketing infographic, as I’m guessing you’d rather look at a pretty picture already, right? Check out our infographic, lovingly created by our marketing executive Hazel...

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