What is MEDDPICC® ?

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Michele - 21.04.2023

Are you tired of flaky deals and missed targets with little to no insight into what is happening? Look no further than MEDDPICC®  - the sales methodology that's taking the world by storm (or at least the sales world) and driving Sales enablement. But what is MEDDPICC® , you ask? Let's break it down!


M - Metrics: Start with the numbers. What are the key metrics you need to hit to close the deal? Revenue? Sales cycle length? Number of users? Whatever it is, make sure you're measuring it.

E - Economic Buyer: Who's got the purse strings? You need to identify the economic buyer - the person who has the power to make the final call and sign the contract. Get them on your side at the right time and you're golden.

D - Decision Criteria: What will the buyer be using to make their decision at the end of the day? You need to understand this inside out so that you can tailor your pitch and messaging to match.

D - Decision Process: How does the buyer make decisions? Who's involved in the process? Knowing the decision process is key to navigating the buying cycle and avoiding delays later on in your sales process.

P - Paper Process: Ah, the dreaded paperwork. But it's gotta be done. You need to understand the paperwork process - from contracts, procurement, security checks, to legal reviews - it’s important to ensure you don't get bogged down in the details so you can better forecast when a deal will actually be signed.

I - Identify Pain: What problem is the buyer trying to solve? What pain point(s) are they currently experiencing? Accurately identifying the pain is key to presenting a solution that's tailored to their specific needs and therefore getting buy-in and positioning yourself as a trusted advisor.

C - Champion: Who's your champion? This is the person who's rooting for you on the inside and can help move the deal forward. Make sure you identify them early on and nurture that relationship.

C - Competition: Who are you up against? You need to understand your competition inside out so that you can differentiate yourself and show why you're the better choice.

Why use the MEDDPICC® framework?

Use this framework to close more deals, hit your targets, and transform your sales team. Because let's face it, nothing feels better than hitting your numbers and excelling at key performance indicators. This will also translate into better accounts for your business, as they will be better scoped, ensuring more alignment during their entire lifecycle.

Insights from Ebsta's 2023 B2B Sales Benchmark Report

In 2022, adopting a sales methodology became a critical factor contributing to sales velocity from the top performing teams. 43% of high performers had a structured sales methodology, and the MEDDPICC®  methodology grew from 11% to 21%. 


When Ebsta analysed the impact of MEDDPICC® , the results were outstanding. When fully utilised, win rates increased by 311% and high performers were 437% more likely to complete the qualification criteria.

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MEDDPICC®  Methodology Challenges

While MEDDPICC®  can be a highly effective sales methodology, it’s not without its own challenges. Here are some potential challenges to keep in mind when using MEDDPICC® :

Time-consuming: Implementing MEDDPICC®  can be really time-consuming, as it involves a significant amount of research and analysis. Sales reps need to gather a lot of information about the buyer's decision process, pain points, and competition, which can take a lot of time and effort. (Pro-tip: There’s a lot of room for automation and making this easier and more adaptable for them, read more on this here: https://www.sixandflow.com/marketing-blog/quick-wins-with-sales-playbooks)

Data availability: Another challenge of using MEDDPICC®  is that not all of the required data may be available or easily accessed. Sales reps may struggle to gather all the necessary information to fully implement the methodology. This can lead to incomplete or inaccurate assessments, which could ultimately impact the success of the deal.

Complexity: MEDDPICC®  is a highly structured methodology that requires a lot of attention to detail. This can be challenging for some sales reps who prefer a more flexible approach. Additionally, the complexity of the methodology can sometimes make it difficult for sales reps to explain to buyers, which could impact the overall sales process.

Resistance to change: Introducing MEDDPICC®  into an existing sales team can be met with resistance. Sales reps may feel that the methodology is too prescriptive and doesn't allow for individual selling styles. This can be a challenge for sales managers looking to implement MEDDPICC®  across the team.

How to increase adoption of MEDDPICC® methodology

So, how can you avoid this and increase buy-in from your sales team and help drive sales success? Here’s some of our ideas:

Communicate the benefits: Explain to your sales team the advantages of using MEDDPICC® , such as increased win rates, shorter sales cycles, and better deal qualification. Show them how the methodology can help them close more deals and help them achieve their targets.

Provide training: Offer comprehensive training on MEDDPICC®  to the sales team. This will help them understand the methodology and its benefits, as well as give them the skills and knowledge to use it effectively.

Involve the sales team in the process: Involve the sales team in the development and implementation of the MEDDPICC®  methodology. Get their feedback and suggestions on how it can be customised to fit their individual selling styles.

Set clear expectations: Clearly communicate to the sales team the expectations around using MEDDPICC® . Make it clear that the methodology is not meant to replace their individual selling styles, but rather to complement and enhance them.

Provide ongoing support: Provide ongoing support to the sales team as they implement MEDDPICC® . This can include coaching, feedback, and resources to help them use the methodology effectively.

Overall, while MEDDPICC®  can be an extremely effective sales methodology, it is important to be aware of potential challenges and to ensure that sales reps are properly trained and supported in implementing the methodology.

 If you follow the steps outlined, and trust the process, your sales reps should better understand the needs and priorities of their prospects, identify potential roadblocks in the sales process, and develop a clear plan for moving the sale forward. This helps to improve the accuracy of forecasting across your entire team and allows sales managers to more effectively coach their team to success. Sounds like a win-win to us. Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How can smaller organisations, with limited resources, effectively implement the MEDDPICC® methodology without overwhelming their sales teams?

For small organisations eager to implement the MEDDPICC® sales strategy without overwhelming their salesforce, adopting a phased and scalable strategy is crucial. By deconstructing the sales process optimisation technique into digestible components and concentrating on one dimension at a time, such organisations can smoothly incorporate the MEDDPICC® methodology into their sales operations. This methodology not only allows sales teams to gradually become acquainted with each facet of the framework without feeling swamped but also facilitates a seamless integration of MEDDPICC® with CRM software. Automation tools further alleviate the manual burden associated with the meticulous data analysis and gathering essential for MEDDPICC®, aiding in effective deal qualification and sales cycle reduction.


2. Are there any case studies or examples of companies that have successfully adopted MEDDPICC®? If so, what were the specific outcomes and how did they measure success?

Numerous case studies highlight businesses from a variety of sectors achieving significant enhancements in their sales metrics following the MEDDPICC® implementation. A standout example includes a tech company that experienced a 60% boost in improve win rates alongside a notable decrease in the duration of sales cycles, measured by pivotal benchmarks such as deal size, sales cycle times, and win rates. These outcomes not only underscore the efficacy of the MEDDPICC® framework but also underscore its versatility across diverse industries.


3. How does MEDDPICC® integrate with modern sales technologies, such as CRM software, to streamline the sales process and improve efficiency?

The affinity between the MEDDPICC® framework and contemporary sales technologies like CRM systems is particularly noteworthy. MEDDPICC® fortifies sales efficiency by offering a structured template for sales activities, readily integrated and analysed through conventional CRM platforms. This compatibility enhances pipeline management, aids sales teams in fine-tuning their approaches to align with each prospect's unique requirements, and facilitates more accurate forecasting. CRM's automation capabilities further streamline the sales workflow, optimising processes like follow-ups and data entries. This holistic approach to implementing MEDDPICC® in small businesses, underscored by MEDDPICC® training and leveraging automation, dovetails with the methodology's objectives of streamlining sales processes and elevating sales outcomes.

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