We are huge advocates of workshops at SAF and we do them before every Inbound client comes onboard. People’s default positioning is to see things from their perspective, it’s completely natural. This being the case if you’re a marketer you market for marketers or if you’re in sales you will only approach things from a sales perspective assuming everyone else does or should do things your way. Unfortunately, this isn’t how things work and is a core reason for misalignment across companies. Workshops are a fundamental tool for solving this problem.

What we continually get asked is, “what do I actually get from a workshop? You’re just going to tell me what I already know then add in some fluffy words“. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In this blog, we explore why we workshop and what that gives you in a practical sense.



The best way to think about workshopping is to think back to the last time you planned a family movie night. Everyone has a different idea of what food they want and where to go to find it. Your sister won’t eat Chinese food again and your other sister starts backchanneling about her decision. Your dad starts trying to dominate the conversation and your mum just switches off from the situation completely. The outcome is that instead of having a great night with a movie, you end up ordering in a KFC and passive-aggressively watching a bad rom-com. 

In a business context, the same pattern is true; marketing, sales and ops rarely communicate or agree. Internal politics and information silos create a mediocre solution that lacks direction and no-one is truly happy with.  When is the last time you had all the key stakeholders from each of the sales, marketing and delivery teams in the same room? When is the last time you discussed how your internal communications and processes aligned to reach your overall revenue targets?

When companies grow, goals and targets change and new projects start. Teams widen and communication shifts. Whilst it is understandable, this changing landscape can lead to misalignment of goals, causing issues further down the line. If your focus is on growth, not having everyone singing from the same hymn sheet can be detrimental to your plans.

By running workshops, we start with a basis of alignment. Workshops facilitate honest communication between the decision-makers, it gets buy-in from those involved and generates a sense of excitement and possibility for the result and subsequent campaign.



The most common answer is  “a new perspective” or “greater collaboration” which whilst both are positive things, they are intangible to measure, and it’s not something your budget holder wants to hear. With SAF we approach it differently. Yes, you may get a “different perspective” and the workshop will “aid collaboration” but the real benefit is a fully outlined document which gives you strategic freedom. Our documents give you a bespoke strategy based on the information gathered and external data collection. We don’t just explain what we think you should do, we explain why it makes sense for you to do it and the theory behind it, as well as how you can practically implement it for yourself. 

Once we have completed a workshop within 2-3 weeks we will deliver you a fully fleshed-out strategy document normally 10,000-12,000 words long that breaks down a fully integrated strategy across:

We provide you with a breakdown of tools you could use for each of the tasks making each of the sections “Platform Agnostic” so you can tailor them to your needs. Next, we ensure we provide you with a 12-month implementation plan, a 90-day plan to focus on creating an impact quickly across key areas, as well as a breakdown of quick wins, outlining the actions to complete in the first 30-days. We also give you tools and templates that can be used to align your activity with the new plan and we help you to cost out the proposals too.

Finally, we give you the opportunity to take the strategy doc and have whoever you want to implement it. We want to provide value to clients not lock them into impossible tasks or complicated contracts. Once you have the strategy document you can do it with us internally or with another party. It’s your property and your prerogative.



Work in most contemporary organisations is collaborative and complex, requiring ongoing problem solving and deep engagement. The saying goes that every person in your group, whether that’s a small team or a large corporation, contains a slice of genius. With our workshops, we collect this information through discovery-driven learning, help your team make decisions on that information in a collaborative way across stakeholders and then we give you a fully fleshed-out strategy and document with which you can decide how and when you implement it. The real benefit of a workshop is strategic insight and strategic freedom for you and your team.



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