Building your people, processes and technology for growth

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Kate - 15.06.2021
Building your people, processes and technology for growth

A business formulated with a RevOps structure will be optimised, efficient and built for success. Now, we know that people, processes and technology are three of the biggest foundations of revenue operations -but how do you build each foundation to accelerate business growth?

We've broken down each element to better understand how you can utilise a RevOps structure by building people, processes and technology to create growth for your business.



You can't grow and succeed as a business without people. The people that make up your team are responsible for each touchpoint in the customer journey and are accountable for the overall experience that prospects and clients receive.

It's not just about finding and hiring the right people. To ensure that your people are delivering positive experiences, you need to focus on personal development and team enablement. The hiring process is the first step, but it's after the new hire has started that the real work begins. Onboarding needs to be a smooth and effective process to give your talented team everything they need to generate revenue and grow your business.

Utilising a RevOps structure throughout the onboarding process means that each of your hires across sales, marketing and service will be aligned around single goals and targets and will have a better understanding of the direction of the business as a whole.



Taking a step back to look holistically at your processes and align them across your teams is an essential part of revenue operations.

A particularly important process to consider is your sales process. You need to know your buyers and how they want to be sold to. But it isn't a stand-alone process. Everything from the channels and messaging you use to your overall strategy come together to form the sales process which is why alignment across your go-to-market teams is essential. 


In the current market, there are thousands of technologies to choose from to support your business across all its functions. But you shouldn't just jump for what appears to be the most popular. You need to consider the tools you actually need in your tech stack and how they'll work together. You need to invest in a tool kit that connects your current tools, analyses and cleans customer data and automates all major business processes in order to be successful with RevOps.

Having a bunch of different tools that don't work well together will cause friction across the business and leave your customer experience to suffer.

Start by understanding how your go-to-market teams currently align their data and information and then provide the tools to enable them to do it better. An all-in-one CRM platform such as HubSpot incorporates marketing, sales and service to create an overall more aligned business and enables your team to deliver a frictionless customer experience across all touchpoints.


Putting resources into building your people, processes and technology create alignment and efficiency across your business, accelerating growth. Find out more about implementing a RevOps structure on our blog.

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