Using HubSpot integrations for revenue operations

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Ravi - 26.04.2021
hubspot revenue operations

The HubSpot CRM platform is an incredibly powerful tool, particularly for go-to-market (sales, marketing, services) teams. As changes come to each of the Hubs, the platform is  becoming more important to implementing and executing a revenue operations strategy. When used correctly, HubSpot CRM platform fosters alignment between company departments and their operations, increasing customer satisfaction and overall revenue generation. 

Although an excellent solution on its own, the HubSpot CRM platform also has a number of powerful integrations that can be taken advantage of to increase the potential of go-to-market teams. If your organisation is in the midst of building out a revenue operations strategy, keep reading for some things to consider about HubSpot integrations. 


Why use HubSpot integrations? 

Using integrations gives you the chance to optimise task completion. Instead of having to switch between several solutions in order to get something done, you may be able to find a tool that works with your HubSpot CRM platform instance as an alternative. 

The more you're able to streamline your tasks, the more time you can put towards training your fellow team members on your newfound processes. HubSpot integrates with a vast number of other softwares, so it's important to be selective of which ones you choose to incorporate. The easiest way to decide? Take stock of your business goals and current operations, then determine the best way to optimise these current business practices and known factors. 


How to use HubSpot integrations

First and foremost, using HubSpot integrations is easy because they're all certified by HubSpot before making it to their application marketplace

Once you've installed your chosen integration(s), you should be able to start using it directly within the HubSpot CRM platform. Alternatively, you might have to take the extra steps of syncing your HubSpot data within your chosen third-party application(s). 

Remember: Integrations only allow HubSpot and other software solutions to work together. They are not direct features in the HubSpot CRM platform.


Workflow-centric integrations vs. Data-centric integrations 

WIthin the HubSpot CRM platform, a "workflow" is a function that allows for tasks, information, and messages to be triggered automatically based on different actions that people take. For instance, if you invite someone to a webinar via email and they reserve a seat for the session through that email, then you might have it set up that they receive a reminder email the day before and the hour before the webinar is scheduled to begin. 

When it comes to company data, HubSpot CRM platform can essentially stand on its own as a single source of truth. You can safely store information about customers, prospects, marketing leads, sales, and so much more. Not only is it a security storage system, but it also renders powerful and accessible analytics and reports so that you can better understand how to work with that data and use it to benefit your business. 


How to get started with HubSpot integrations 

After reading all this, are you ready to get started with HubSpot CRM platform integrations yourself? One of the services that we're pleased to offer here at Six & Flow is our integration expertise. 

As an Elite HubSpot partner, we have an intimate knowledge of the HubSpot CRM platform. We'd be more than happy to help you determine the best apps for your business goals-revenue operations and beyond. 

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